Gardening and living!

Yellow-DehliaGardening as a subject and as a hobby happens to be least popular. May  be too plebeian. It also requires a regular commitment. Living in apartments amidst an ocean of polluting fumes, eclipsed in the nave of concrete jungle, we often do not miss the plants. Last year when I was in Bombay on several occasions, another congested and populous city, I realised how hideously un-green that city is. Air filled with sea moisture and obnoxious smells typical of closed places. Back in Delhi, I was glad that it looked like a big garden with roads. The pollution here seemed non-existent notwithstanding the fact that 20% of the city population has symptoms of asthma, at one time or another.
Coming back to gardening, it is awful that schools that waste so much time on science projects, laboratory experiments and cramming benefits of trees for environment besides moral science, show nothing about gardening. Continue reading

Solution for all the problems.

Co-existence with problems.

It is early in the morning and a splash of rain woke me up just like yesterday. But it was not the same. First it was a brief spell of rain which stopped abruptly. Then the clouds thundered, as if agonized by abrupt stoppage of rain. Then everything was quite. A complete whimper. After a while, another thunder and it started to rain normally. Not a perfect morning. Especially with so much thunderous noise, now and then.
Any how, I have decided that today I will categorize all my problems and solve them. Yes all of it. There is a quick fix formula. I can use logic and reason to fix the responsibility for my problems on every person I know except myself but I will take no shortcut. Yet I will solve the problems. Continue reading

Rain Rain go away, poor people had enough today!

It is raining cats and dogs since yesterday night. Rain stops for a while but restarts again. The outpour becomes torrential and then it subsides to stop altogether. From where it starts all over again. By noon the rain stopped altogether. However the damage has been done. Whole day traffic was a mess. but now it is all quite.

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Spritual message in the movie “Life of Pi”

Life of Pi

Last Sunday I watched the movie Life of Pi“. It is an English movie with almost Indian crew. Or perhaps the leading actors are Indian? Whatever. It is claimed to be based on an adventurous novel. The movie has beautifully depicted the adventure. Photography and Direction both need to be appreciated for an excellent job. While actors were at their best performance. The movie starts with the words like ‘God’ and ‘spirituality’. Unfortunately, the message about it is lost in the noise of beauty of presentation of a rather impossible adventure.  So what is the spiritual message in the movie? Continue reading

Maha Kumbh 2013: A holy dip in sewer!

14th January 2013 is the day of Makar Sankranti, which is a harvest festival just like Lohri. Incidentally it falls on this day every year. This is perhaps because it is calculated as per Solar Cycle which is the basis of Christian Calender as well. Astronomically it means that Sun has moved to Capricorn Zodiac. Makar means Capricorn and Sankrant means movement in which two zodiacs of Capricorn and Cancer shall be joined by Sun for a moment, while passing through the one to another. Every 12 years, on this day, largest congregation of human kind  takes place on river banks of rivers Ganga (British called her Ganges) (her because she is a goddess) and Godawari at four places. Allahabad is the most prominent place for Kumbh as the Maha Kumbh (Great Kumbh) after every 144th years takes place here alone. Allahabad is intersection (called Sangam which means amalgamation) of three rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati. On this occasion people take a holy dip in the waters of Ganga and purify themselves from their past sins This bathing is considered holy according to Hindu Mythology.

According to Mr. Jairam Ramesh the then, Minister for sanitation and drinking water:

Rivers are not rivers in India. Rivers have become sewers. The 500-km stretch of Ganga between Kannuaj and Varanasi is just sewer.

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