Hjalmar Schacht, Mefo Bills and the Restoration of the German Economy 1933-1939

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Excerpts from book of political analysis of democracy.

Excerpts from eBook

India 2019: Will Narendra Modi Win?: (A political analysis of democracy in India) [Kindle Edition]

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The massive illiteracy and poverty of people shook Gandhi as much as his words shook the people who so far had only their luck to curse. Now they knew that their poverty was the evil effect of British Raj.

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The use of technology produces good results but it has one flaw. Technology either gets obsolete very quickly or has diminishing returns each time it is used.

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ambition is not only a genetic disorder but it is more infectious then flue. Ideology is just a dispensable rocket while gaining altitude on the path of ambition.

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Guidelines issued for war between India and Pakistan

A comical satire:

Process to be followed for any surgical strike here after –

1 – Henceforth, arrange for all proofs of your operations in 3 copies – One for Indians, One for Pakistan and One for Pakistanis within India.

2 – Bring HD quality videos of operations. Appearance of dying terrorists is s MUST in these videos.

3 – Bring at least 25-50 photographs clearly showing site BEFORE and AFTER operation.

4 – Preferably, bring a video with an interview of an eye witness with a 3 copies of printouts with his signature and KYC proofs.

5 – Bring biometric proof of all terrorists claimed to have been killed – Thumbs, Eyes etc.

6 – Bring Photo Identity of all killed terrorists to prove that they were actually not Indians.

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