Living happens when conspiracy ends. 

Conspiracy is a serious word but it is most appropriate. If you are uncomfortable you may use planning but that is physical preparation. Conspiracy is state of mind to manipulate by any means necessary.  Most of the time we are involved in conspiracy. Difficult to pinpoint when it starts. May be attempt to cheat in a game in Kinder Garden was first conspiracy. Something on social media inspired me to write following:

ईंसान:   समय की प्रत्यचां पर उछलने वाले बिचारे इंसान को ज़िन्दगी को खेल समझते हुए भी, ज़िन्दगी को एक षड्यंत्र में बदल कर बड़ी ख़ुशी महसूस करते है यध्धपि षड्यंत्र किसी के भी नियंत्रण मे ज़्यादा देर नहीं रहते ।

Above would nearly translate in English as under:

Human:   Tied to the fate, human do realise that the life is a play, yet they feel pleasure in converting into a conspiracy even though no conspiracy remains in anybody’s control for long.

Thus living becomes a long chain of planning, deception, manipulation and conspiracies. Newer and newer ideas are invented everyday to achieve desires or rather to chase thoughts we call ideas. How-so-ever small that desire may be.

Example of a smallest conspiracy:

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Narendra Modi shows his blind side i.e. Income Tax

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, a man well-travelled throughout India and now the world, has a penchant to throw solutions at people as examples of change, while exhorting them to accept challenge and find solutions. Modi may be accused of anything but not lack of sufficient knowledge about any subject. The reason is clear, as shared by him publicly, he likes to keep himself uptodate by seeking knowledge from books/net or people alike.

Modi has for the first time shown himself to be clueless about one subject: Income Tax and black money generation. He has no clue how large is the off the book or cash economy of the country.

In the last episode of radio talk ‘Man Ki Baat’ or Talk from heart he has warned people to declare their black money by last day of September 2016, the date fixed or else there may be severe consequences. May be he knew yet he chose to bluff to people! Or may be he believed in what he said!

If it is the second then Modi does not know the extent of problem. People may declare some or may be coerced to do it by Income Tax Officers, especially in small towns. Reports are pouring in that rich communities of traders e.g. Jewellers are being threatened to declare some black money lest there will be consequences. Somebody claimed it happening here in New Delhi as well but more of a request not coercion.

There is nothing new in the declaration scheme. Such schemes of declaration of black money are launched every decade and meet marginal to moderate success but black money grows as usual. Why?

Problem of black money.

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Nida Fazli: end of an era.

Urdu and Hindi, two mothers are mourning for their son Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli. His USP was subtle message in a simple language. Anybody who knew Hindi could understand the substance of his Urdu poetry. 

Nida Fazli passed away on 8th February 2016. His wiki page doesn’t do justice to his stature but here is the link. 

Nida Fazli was to Urdu poetry what Munshi Premchand was to Hindi prose. Simple language but with profound meaning of substance. Fearlessly commenting on human life and limitations of human mind. 

I don’t know if it is true but a friend told me a story about Nida Fazli. 

Once a journalist asked Nida Fazli as to what was his opinion about Narendra Modi who had just became prime minister? His reply was: “Every person has a dozen or more people in him. You make your pick about Modi and decide.”

The answer was not diplomatic but the ultimate truth. No person can be defined in black and white. No single act can define a life. 

I have never met Nida Fazli hence not the right person for an eulogy but would do a translation of one of his Nazm/poem. It is a comment on our artificial social life full of pretense.

बात कम कीजे जहानत को छिपाते रहिये

Talk less to conceal the idiocy.

बात कम कीजे जहानत को छिपाते रहिये,
अजनबी शहर है ये, दोस्त बनाते रहिये,

Talk less to conceal the idiocy,

Stranger is the city, keep making friends,

दुश्मनी लाख सही, ख़त्म ना कीजे रिश्ता,
दिल मिले ना मिले, हाथ मिलाते रहिये,

Enmity may be bitter, don’t end the relationship,

Hearts may mismatch, keep shaking hands,

ये तो चेहरे कि शबाहत हुई तस्वीर नहीं,
इस पे कुछ रंग अभी और चढ़ाते रहिये,

Face is not the final painting but projection,

(Or:  face is companion not the picture)

Keep painting it with more colours,

गम हैं आवारा अकेले में भटक जाता हैं,
जिस जगह भी रहिये, मिलते मिलाते रहिये,

Pain (depression) loses its way to us in loneliness,

Wherever may be the stay, keep socialising with people,

जाने कब चाँद बिखर जाये जंगल में,
घर कि चौखट पे कोई दीप जलाते रहिये!

Never know when moon may get lost in woods,
Do light a candle at the main door of home.

It is a different matter that I am never comfortable in complying with the advice of Nida Fazli as give in above poetry. 

Enjoying phone tapping while it lasts. 

Wire tapping was the title used in earlier days for eavesdropping on phone calls. Phones became wireless and far more complicated and now phone tapping is insufficient to define the complete spectrum of surveillance we undergo.

Last time my phone was tapped was in 2011 by ATS or Anti Terrorist Squad at Mumbai. I was merely representing a client who was arrested to identify a terrorist. My client was merely a pizza delivery boy. Well something like illegal pizza.

This time it is a revenue intelligence department chasing my client. They have no direct evidence to implicate and phone tapping was a desperate attempt. I wonder if it still continues

Problem lies in absence of proper law. Supreme Court of India permitted this intrusion on privacy subject to some guidelines but in the absence of a complete law aimed at preventing illegal tapping, it is a free for all.

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Democracy needs answerability!

Petition to make politicians more accountable with right to recall.

Democracy of India has become non-performing. Big financial scams have replaced old corruption. Politicians climb to power by making false promises and forget about it. For five years the Government in power is not answerable to people so long it can keep its flock together in legislative assembly. See what has happened in Delhi.

A Chief Minister using Delhi taxpayers’ money, financing his political ambition to be a national party. More than 500 Crore spent on advertisements in a single year as against annual budget of 30 crore. CM of Delhi is not doing any work and infact has no portfolio except tweeting whole day either abusing Prime Minister or writing movie reviews. CM doesn’t even talk about corruption which was his main election rhetoric.

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