Judicial Review of decision of Governor of Maharashtra by Supreme Court

Governor of Maharashtra has invited the BJP and NCP, on the basis of their joint claim, to form the Government. Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP (other faction) has approached the Supreme Court and have made all kind of claims. Supreme Court has reserved it’s order and it shall pronounce the judgment tomorrow morning. It is obvious that it shall not be just a short order but a detailed reasoned order. Let’s see what it can do. First note the principles:

Separation of powers:

Article 50 of the Constitution of India mandates that the State shall take steps to separate the judiciary from the executive in the public services of the State. The same principle stipulates that judiciary shall not interfere in Executive functions, which is what the Governor of Maharashtra is performing.

Jurisdiction of Supreme Court:

Since the parties have invoked the jurisdiction of Supreme Court by a direct petition under article 32, it is a very narrow jurisdiction i.e. for enforcement of fundamental rights. In this case the only fundamental right involved is article 14 which prevents arbitrary executive decision. It is for this reason the Court adjourned the matter yesterday to produce the material which was before Governor. As it turns out, the Leader of Nationalist Congress Party had submitted the letter of support to BJP with 54 signatures of MLAs of his party.

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Did Rana Pratap actually lose the battle?

There are lies, dam lies and movie scripts. But most fictional of all is history of India.

Rana Pratap is an iconic Hero of Indian History who is claimed to have lost to Akbar. Actually history is replete with losers. The battles which were won were either forgotten or brushed under the carpet.

The agenda writers were picked up as historians to to write history of India in a way to glorify certain sections and to show India in a poor light. This practice which was started by invaders and unfortunately continued after 1947 as a Colony of Nehru and his descendants. Unfortunately the history being taught in schools continue to be same in 2019 under the Government of Narendra Modi, whose Minister proudly proclaimed that he saw to it that not a  comma is changed. Why?

We are taught that Rana Pratap lost the battle with Akbar. The biography of Akbar states otherwise: The biography of Akbar has been compiled by Vincent A. Smith and was published in 1917 by Oxford at the Clarendon Press. According to this author Rana Pratap Singh merely lost a fort but not the battle. Read for yourself: Continue reading

Reading Hard Choices, the book by Hillary Clinton

The most boring book:

Hard choices is a boring book. Hard Choices is more like the official diary of lady Clinton. Rather it is an appointment book of madam Clinton. It is a book about her engagements all all over the world with different politicians and heads of the state. It is a testimony of confession that United Nation has no role in the world except as a NGO to provide charitable supplies and not the the political solutions.

I wonder how many times the word ‘I’ must have been used in this book. I also wonder if this book makes a record of maximum number of ‘I’s in the book.

The book takes us to various problems faced by different countries around the world at the time when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state of United States of America. As she nicely put it:

“America’s leadership in the world resembles a relay race. A Secretary, a President, a generation are all handed the baton and asked to run a leg of the race as well as we can, and then we hand off the baton to our successors.”

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