Logjam in Parliament: effect on electorate. 

Parliament of India: people are watching!

Parliament has come to a halt. One rather formal law about pecuniary jurisdiction of Delhi District Courts was passed in absentio. Barring that, no legislative business took place. In the logjam, I came across an article by Shekhar Gupta, ex-editor of Indian Express, the only newspaper I trust as upright. Shekhar Gupta took us down the memory lane to 1987 in his this article/editorial in Hindi and published in Dainik Bhasker.

Parliament in 1987:

Rajiv Gandhi was voted to power after an election campaign which was also riding on public sentiment on riots of 1984 and Punjab (or Khalistan) problem. He won by thumping majority of about 4/5th of the house. However in 1987 allegations of kickbacks to Gandhi family through various sources, surfaced. Since it related to purchase of Gun named Bofors, it is known by that name. Continue reading

Remembering Gandhi in 2013.

Gandhi on currency note

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a Gujarati by birth place, Bania or trader by birth caste, lawyer by education, an unparalleled mass appeal leader by occupation, global enigma as a philosopher and failure as a politician. This is how the Gandhi would be summed up today his birthday in 2013 and a national holiday.
Gandhi was assassinated by a fire arm. A violent death for an ardent propounder of Non-violence.
For every person of Punjabi descent, Gandhi is a person who betrayed Punjab. It is told to me by my parents and grand-parents that in Public Speeches made in East Punjab (Now Pakistan), Gandhi would proclaim that:

“there is no question of partition of the country and if it happens it would be on my dead body.”

As things turned out, Gandhi, was no politician and his own progeny Nehru edged him out of stage and accepted partition of the country on religious lines without any inkling what to speak of vision about the fate of people and the possible exodus. The decision cost Millions to suffer ranging from poverty due to sudden forced migration to rape to death. Women raped and children murdered in cold blood. Continue reading

Indian Economy and reward for ruining it


Today Finance Minister of India i.e. Pranab Mukherjee will resign from cabinet. His credit is that he presented a most direction-less budget that too at a time when economy was reeling under high inflation in food prices and low growth in all sectors.
His reward for this mess: He will be elevated to the post of Head of the State i.e. President of India. But why?
Reason is simple. This way neither the Finance Minister (Pranab Mukherjee) nor the ruling alliance will have to admit its blunders in handling the economy. The country will have first Bengali as President. Bengal is the place of special interest. Not because the crown prince of ruling Congress Party’s girl friend is from Bengal, but because it wants to consolidate its political gains in the State.
It is a good manipulative plan. Only that it is neither honest nor fair. But Congress Party always used the post of President as retirement of inconvenient politicians. As regards economy, it can wait.

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