Elephants in India have a right of way.

Elephant is the largest living land animal, characterized by its long trunk, columnar legs, and huge head with temporal glands and wide, flat ears. Elephants are grayish to brown in color, and their body hair is sparse and coarse. Elephants may be the largest animals but they are majestic and yet most friendly in nature. Elephants are easily domesticated too, though it is illegal to domesticate them now under Wild Life laws. They are living example of ‘family’ system as they live in families, caring and rearing children. Young elephants are as naughty as any child. See pictures in this tweet:

Look at this Baby Elephant first time on the beach.🤩

Originally tweeted by Amar Prasad Reddy🇮🇳 (@amarprasadreddy) on October 16, 2020.

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Happy Rainy Day

It is finally raining several times a day. Sometimes it makes traffic stuck and cause delays.

However the rain is welcome after smeltering heat. Cloudy weather is even more welcome as Sun becomes gruesome after rain and weather becomes souna bath causing profused sweating.

It appears the nature is enjoying too. Check this flower:

Rain may be a spoil sports in clod County but in India it is a poetry, especially this drizzling with occassional pause and small droplets in between.

Why elephants are found in Asia?

Elephants are found in Asia and Africa. Asia has three sub species of elephants. Scientific name of Indian elephant is Elephas Maximus Indicus. Indian female elephants do not have tusks.
I do not know about African Elephant but why elephants were not found everywhere? Why in India? Actually it has to do with food. Favorite food for elephants is leaves of sacred fig or peepal tree. This is how its leaves look like:

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Delhi’s pollution and even odd logic

Even Odd Logic of Arvind Kejriwal.


Arvind Kejriwal is now Chief Minister of Delhi but he likes to behave like an emperor. His announcement that from January Even Odd numbering vehicles shall be alternatively ply on Delhi Roads is a reflection of this dictatorial mindset. Merely because Chief Justice of India agreed to comply does not make the order legal. The fact is that this Even Odd logic is not only illogical but is legally and morally incorrect if not draconian.

Constitutionally wrong:

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Guests on Earth, behave yourself. 

A philosophical view of problem of climate change.

Environment damage is no more a question of debate. It is a fact. Hot and humid September in New Delhi and people under attack by Dengue is another example. Weather is not the only symptom. Depleting water table, polluted ground water, near extinction of vultures etc. are many pointers.

 Why this mad rush to buy more?

Human race has out lived its welcome on earth. Consumerism which was attributed to west is now equally prevalent in metro cities of India, China and elsewhere. Consumerism and consumption are taken as actions of living. Sadly consumption is no more for living but consumerism is living. Buy buy and buy more.

Are we not guests?

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