Who killed Sushant Singh Rajput?

How to conceal a murder?

Murder speaks for itself. There is nothing more vocal then a murder. Human body talks even after death. Liver tells time of death. Muscles tell time of death through rigor motis. Injury marks on body and bones also tell one or more stories. But there must be somebody to read that story.The question of nature of injury on the neck has been picked up by the media and is actively discussed on TV but why Mumbai Police is not doing anything about it?

The crime investigation in India is governed by a law which is more than hundred years old. In every other country a matter of death is subject to investigation by a coroner who is the specialist in forensic medicine and also specialist in human body and it’s possible cause of extinguishment. In India every death is subject to investigation by a magistrate who can seek help of a forensic expert though the magistrate himself has bare little knowledge of forensic medicine. Both systems have its own flaws and advantages but let us focus on Magisterial Inquiry.

In case of Sushant the Mumbai Police filed ADR or ‘Accidental Death Report”. The report is part of it’s daily journal of activities and a copy of it’s extract is sent to (Judicial) magistrate. The law and procedure is obsolete now it should be in a transparent computer data base but that has not happened. After getting the report the Judicial Magistrate is free to apply mind and direct the police to act in a certain manner. But unfortunately they ‘never’ apply mind. Reports just pile up and filed. The lethargy and insensitivity of system is so appalling that it can not be put in words.

Magisterial Inquiry

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If Aditya Thakrey is not involved in Sushant murder, Why samana has editorial opposing CBI?

Chief Minister of Maharashtra steps in:

Shiv Sena is the ruling party in Maharashtra in alliance with Congress and NCP. It owns a news paper cum website called Saamna. Today Sanjay Raut, it’s editor has written a long editorial opposing CBI investigation in the case of death of Sushant Singh Rajput. This article can be accessed here but it is in Marathi. If you know Sanskrit you may be able to read it. But here is an extract from that article translated with the help of google:

Sushant Singh Rajput seems to have committed suicide. There is no basis for what is often said to be murder. The propaganda that the gutter letters and news channels wanting to burn honey on a hot tawa was completely false. Maharashtra has a government under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray. They used to do it anyway. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign, but he refused to give up. What the head of that news channel did, ‘gossiping!’ Arnab Goswami is the head of ‘Republic’ news channel. They refer to political leaders, chief ministers in plain language, use defamatory language, make threats. This is what he did in the case of Sonia Gandhi and now people have seen Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in a single language, challenging him. Seeing all this, Shri. Sharad Pawar called me and said, “Uddhav Thackeray is being mentioned in a single language on a news channel. This is not correct. He is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The Chief Minister is not just an individual, he is an institution, “he said. Finally, he asked, “So what does the government do?” Pawar’s opinion is that of an experienced leader. This picture of journalism is not good. A news channel hurled insults at the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and it is tolerated. That news channel is supported by political parties in Maharashtra. Sushant Singh’s pretext and the main conspiracy to discredit the government on that occasion. It continues.”

The article is 1705 words long. It has allegations against a journalist while the writer himself is a journalist? However I will leave that for Arnab to defend. For the benefit of readers, every unnatural death is presumed murder and is subject to magisterial enquiry. By now Police should have closed the inquest awaiting report of Magistrate. Why it is playing on both sides?

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Was Aditya Thakrey involved in killing of Sushant Singh Rajput?

Sushant Singh Rajput, an accomplished actor was found dead on the night of 13-14 June 2020 at his home in Mumbai. He was single and aged 34 years. Mumbai Police registered ADR or Accidental Death Report and proceeded to investigate if there was any crime. So far it has found none. A week before his death, an employee of Sushant namely Disha Salian had allegedly committed suicide by jumping of high rise building in very suspicious circumstances.

Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput:

Father of Sushant, aged 70 lodged a complaint with police in Patna, Bihar which is his home town. According to him he had lodged a complaint on 25 February 2020 apprehending the threat to life of Sushant. Bihar police lodged an FIR and a team of Bihar police reached Mumbai and found out many financial details about Sushant. Rhea Chakravarti girl friend who was in ‘live in’ relationship with Sushant has been named a suspect in FIR.

An attempt by the Bihar cops to access documents linked to the alleged suicide of Sushant’s celebrity manager Disha Salian (28) was stonewalled by Mumbai Police on Sunday on grounds that they did not follow the protocol. Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh said the Bihar team had exceeded their brief: the law requires an offence to be probed by police and courts within whose jurisdiction it has been committed. The obstruction by Mumbai police and Bihar Police touched a new high after a visiting IPS officer was forcefully placed under quarantine after the authorities having not insisted the ritual for the Bihar police team that arrived earlier.

The Mumbai police commissioner meanwhile stated that they have sought a legal opinion on ‘inter-jurisdictional’ probe being conducted by the Bihar police. The investigation into suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput seems to have lost priority amidst the tussle between two police forces which has now taken a political turn.  Today, Bihar Government has announced that it will recommend to the Federal Government for investigation by CBI. Mumbai Government has called this move to be without jurisdiction.

Meanwhile a picture of Aditya Thakrey, a Minister and son of Chief Minister of Maharashtra alongwith a girl (allegedly Rhea Chakravarti)  is circulating on social media. See

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Kerala Government’s decision to Challenge CAA under article 131 before Supreme Court.

Politics in India is never a low key affair.

Citizenship Amendment Act has become a law by which persecuted minorities from three neighbouring countries shall get citizenship after in naturalization period of 6 years instead of normal 12 years.

The Kerala government which is a communist and islamist combine had passed a resolution in the state assembly calling upon the union government to withdraw the aforesaid law. It was a vane act targeted at vote banks. If the resolution had to be no legal effect, why was it passed after so much fan fair?

Now the same Kerala government has approached the Supreme Court under article 131 challenging the citizenship Amendment Act. But it’s roadblocks are hard to surmount. Article 131 of the Constitution is as under:

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India is not Jamia, JNU and Shaheen Bagh of Delhi.

The Engineered Riots:

The protests happening at Jamia JNU and Shaheen Bagh Delhi aur like three pedal boats set fire in ocean and we start calling that ocean is on fire. Zee TV shows, National and international are treating these incidents the whole India is on fire. Why the media is creating this impression? Is there some vested interest?

BTW 2 of those arrested from Seemapuri, Delhi turned out to be illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

As I had pointed out the other day the violent riots are engineered by Marxist as they always do. 30 years back they did it in Uttar Pradesh, and most of the industries ran away to Rajasthan. The town of Kota which has 1 million population today had one tenth of the population at that time.

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