Nida Fazli: end of an era.

Urdu and Hindi, two mothers are mourning for their son Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli. His USP was subtle message in a simple language. Anybody who knew Hindi could understand the substance of his Urdu poetry. 

Nida Fazli passed away on 8th February 2016. His wiki page doesn’t do justice to his stature but here is the link. 

Nida Fazli was to Urdu poetry what Munshi Premchand was to Hindi prose. Simple language but with profound meaning of substance. Fearlessly commenting on human life and limitations of human mind. 

I don’t know if it is true but a friend told me a story about Nida Fazli. 

Once a journalist asked Nida Fazli as to what was his opinion about Narendra Modi who had just became prime minister? His reply was: “Every person has a dozen or more people in him. You make your pick about Modi and decide.”

The answer was not diplomatic but the ultimate truth. No person can be defined in black and white. No single act can define a life. 

I have never met Nida Fazli hence not the right person for an eulogy but would do a translation of one of his Nazm/poem. It is a comment on our artificial social life full of pretense.

बात कम कीजे जहानत को छिपाते रहिये

Talk less to conceal the idiocy.

बात कम कीजे जहानत को छिपाते रहिये,
अजनबी शहर है ये, दोस्त बनाते रहिये,

Talk less to conceal the idiocy,

Stranger is the city, keep making friends,

दुश्मनी लाख सही, ख़त्म ना कीजे रिश्ता,
दिल मिले ना मिले, हाथ मिलाते रहिये,

Enmity may be bitter, don’t end the relationship,

Hearts may mismatch, keep shaking hands,

ये तो चेहरे कि शबाहत हुई तस्वीर नहीं,
इस पे कुछ रंग अभी और चढ़ाते रहिये,

Face is not the final painting but projection,

(Or:  face is companion not the picture)

Keep painting it with more colours,

गम हैं आवारा अकेले में भटक जाता हैं,
जिस जगह भी रहिये, मिलते मिलाते रहिये,

Pain (depression) loses its way to us in loneliness,

Wherever may be the stay, keep socialising with people,

जाने कब चाँद बिखर जाये जंगल में,
घर कि चौखट पे कोई दीप जलाते रहिये!

Never know when moon may get lost in woods,
Do light a candle at the main door of home.

It is a different matter that I am never comfortable in complying with the advice of Nida Fazli as give in above poetry. 

April Fools Day

केजरी दिवस मुबारक॥

बके गाली,  दे धमकी, नाम रखाये अरविन्द;
यह कर दो,  वह नही करना, वरना कर देंगे सब बन्द;
ट्वीट करे ट्वीट करे, विग्यापनी सरकार है मोरीबन्द;
ना मंत्रालय,  ना कार्यालय, मुख्यमंत्री है या हुड़बन्द॥

गले मिले चारा चोरो से, हाथ मिलाये चौरासी क़ातिल से;
गद्दारो को जय कन्हैया कहे,  देशप्रेमी को साइको;
वायदाचोरो को कहे नितीश; मालदा क्रूर को ममता;
शीला पर शोर मचाया; लोकपाल को तुरन्त भगाया;
लोकायुक्त लोकायुक्त कह कह कर सत्तासुख है पाया;
पजांब कैप्टन शीला गरियाये,जितवे पर सब भूल जाये॥

वाइफाइ, गोभी 7 रूपये,  वायदे करा लो जीभर;
झोपड़ी मे स्टेथो, बाहर केजरी फोटो,  कहे है दवाघर;
गाड़ी बगंला ना लेंगे, बिना लाल बत्ती के होगी कार,
बैठ कुर्सी पर कर ली साढ़े तीन लाख की आम पगार;
नाम केजरियो,  हे युगठग, साथ मे है पत्रकार ॥॥

This is a political satire on state of politics and consist of cliches in Hindi which makes translation impossible

Me and We: a perpetual conflict. 

Why living is a war?

This morning I woke up with same old question, is there a way that human beings may actually live without making life a war of sorts, without losing or winning. And after a few hours I completed this poem which I had abruptly started as a tweet, a couple of days earlier.

The conflict between an individual and collective institutions are in perpetual conflict. Why is it so? Why can’t they work in harmony? Is it because it is inherently impossible due to its nature?

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No More, A Poem.

This is a poem which kissed me after I watched the last or last but one episode of Breaking Bad. As usual I woke up in the morning with few whispering words which started to swing into sentences and here it was a poem like sentences lying in my phone for quite some time. I have titled it:

No More.

Threshold you returned from;
Door never knocked to enter;
Roof which withered the rain;
House which kept us warm;
Alas is no more.

The peelings from  wall crying;
Hinges were squeaking pain;
Droplets from roof betrayed rain;
Rats and flies now playing the chattels;
Home alas is no more.

Swing in patio still playing with wind;
Pool with water smirking at lightening;
Roses, lilies still smile in the spring;
Lettuce first to leave, cactus be the last;
Dahlia alas is no more.

Little steps, rolling toys while birds were chirping;
Innocent smiles on lips igniting laughter;
Doors remember those endless chases;
Gone are puppies, dogs, birds and parrots;
Childhood alas is no more.

Looks which kindled, touch that was life;
Love so sweet; marriage sweat and sour;
Job that sucked but paid so well,
Me that was all to savour;
Life thou rattling, alas is no more.

A poetry: Me, Mine and More.

Jargon of an Organic Computer

Me, mine and more, reality with three shores;
Dredging for who am I; where am I;
Mirror on the wall lies to the pictures on the wall;
Truth and lies, relationships dead or alive;
Please tell me who am I, who am I;

Designs for living, traps of thought;
Running and chasing, enigma of thought;
Covering so beautiful, dressed as thought;
Enlightenment, moksha, nirvana and great thought;
Humanity, compassion, charity all tether of thought;
Who am I, where am I, craves the thought;

Names so many, called so many;
Titles so many, hid and fought so many;
Toys of thought, games and plays so many;
Tongue of thought, tasted and licked so many;
Spouse or sibling, uncle or aunt, lonely with relations so many;
Who am I, why have faces so many;

More to go, buy even more;
Possessions around crave for more;
More is less for the empty even more;
More to sniff and drink, eat even more;
Thirst is more, hunger even more;
More search of I, me is lost even more;

Pain ethereal, lurking in handsome cadaver;
Bantering the talk, wise yet palaver;
Torrent of lies, yet truth occasional shower;
Millions in journey, yet walks the loner;
Drunk in loop of thought, yet called sober;
Noise in action of thought, what to gather;
Scribbling the jargon, yet another organic computer.