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Narendra Modi shows his blind side i.e. Income Tax

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, a man well-travelled throughout India and now the world, has a penchant to throw solutions at people as examples of change, while exhorting them to accept challenge and find solutions. Modi may be accused of anything but not lack of sufficient knowledge about any subject. The reason is clear, as shared by him publicly, he likes to keep himself uptodate by seeking knowledge from books/net or people alike.

Modi has for the first time shown himself to be clueless about one subject: Income Tax and black money generation. He has no clue how large is the off the book or cash economy of the country.

In the last episode of radio talk ‘Man Ki Baat’ or Talk from heart he has warned people to declare their black money by last day of September 2016, the date fixed or else there may be severe consequences. May be he knew yet he chose to bluff to people! Or may be he believed in what he said!

If it is the second then Modi does not know the extent of problem. People may declare some or may be coerced to do it by Income Tax Officers, especially in small towns. Reports are pouring in that rich communities of traders e.g. Jewellers are being threatened to declare some black money lest there will be consequences. Somebody claimed it happening here in New Delhi as well but more of a request not coercion.

There is nothing new in the declaration scheme. Such schemes of declaration of black money are launched every decade and meet marginal to moderate success but black money grows as usual. Why?

Problem of black money.

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What is wrong with Aam Aadmi Party

Common Man’s Party is hijacked!

  Aam Aadmi or Common Man is not a new word in politics in India. Another synonym of common man is Janta which is the prefix or suffix of name of every second political party. But it was the branding of word ‘common man’ that attracted voters and its Govt swung into power in Delhi. But within a year the very word ‘Kejri’ has become a dirty word on the street, as I had summarised earlier in Kejri Effect. But that was about the outrageously false promises made by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP hereafter). It actually bribed the voters by promising a number of freebies to vote for it while its main plank was to make politics in India corruption free.

Failure of the century:

AAP is second biggest failure of this century but it can still redeem itself. It has four more years to remain in power in Delhi. If it works for the benefit of people it may redeem but if it will work for the ambition to come into power all over India, it won’t be able to do either.

AAP is second failure of century because the first was UPA-2 Govt i.e previous government of India which was voted to power in 2009. Remember how election result boosted the stock markets by several hundred points in a few minutes and circuit breakers closed the trade twice at every rise of 5%. It happened twice in same day. Serious reforms were promised by UPA-2. But that Congress led Government did not deliver and was severely punished in 2014.

Inner Party Democracy:

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Journalism with sensational narrative. 

Journalist with opinion is a dangerous cocktail.

Term journalist include reporters who reports facts from the ground zero, editors who decide priority and news worthiness, columnists who analyse and give opinions as also the photographers who add spice to dry written pages. Drawing conclusions from facts is part of the job of columnists but of late news reporting also started to give tacit conclusions. Worse happens when many possible conclusions can be reached. The cocktail of news with conclusion was intoxicating enough but now the meth of news is also here.

In the world of 24×7 news channels news anchors, talk show anchors and videographers add to the term of journalists. Hindi word for journalists is Patrakar which literally means words or letter writer. In this century there is a new class of journalists which are new stars of TV news and who earn the political leverage and money like a mass scale marketing strategists.

The Presstitutes:

Presstitutes is a new word coined in India Continue reading

April Fools Day

केजरी दिवस मुबारक॥

बके गाली,  दे धमकी, नाम रखाये अरविन्द;
यह कर दो,  वह नही करना, वरना कर देंगे सब बन्द;
ट्वीट करे ट्वीट करे, विग्यापनी सरकार है मोरीबन्द;
ना मंत्रालय,  ना कार्यालय, मुख्यमंत्री है या हुड़बन्द॥

गले मिले चारा चोरो से, हाथ मिलाये चौरासी क़ातिल से;
गद्दारो को जय कन्हैया कहे,  देशप्रेमी को साइको;
वायदाचोरो को कहे नितीश; मालदा क्रूर को ममता;
शीला पर शोर मचाया; लोकपाल को तुरन्त भगाया;
लोकायुक्त लोकायुक्त कह कह कर सत्तासुख है पाया;
पजांब कैप्टन शीला गरियाये,जितवे पर सब भूल जाये॥

वाइफाइ, गोभी 7 रूपये,  वायदे करा लो जीभर;
झोपड़ी मे स्टेथो, बाहर केजरी फोटो,  कहे है दवाघर;
गाड़ी बगंला ना लेंगे, बिना लाल बत्ती के होगी कार,
बैठ कुर्सी पर कर ली साढ़े तीन लाख की आम पगार;
नाम केजरियो,  हे युगठग, साथ मे है पत्रकार ॥॥

This is a political satire on state of politics and consist of cliches in Hindi which makes translation impossible

Soldiers of JNU: Ghosts of Dead Communism

Communism is dead

Long Live Communist Party

At the outset I am curious Does any one remember Mao Tse Tung and Stalin? I asked around few people but most had a vague idea. Communism was ISIS of last century. Mao spearheaded Red Revolution in China and Stalin did it in Russia. For the uninitiated red means violent. Thousands of bourgeoisie were killed for accession to power. But what is Communism?

Socialism and Communism:

Socialism is not communism. Both may have few similarity but that is superficial. Socialism believes that all people are equal and therefore society should be an egalitarian space where are citizens are treated equally. A German philosopher Hegel in 18th century Continue reading