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Sandeep Bhalla

Sandeep Bhalla is a lawyer, thinker, author, Linux/Ubuntu power user by habits. His indulgences include being an economist or gardener or philosopher or cook or photographer. Mercifully for his friends he hasn’t indulged in singing and has no intention of doing so. He is from New Delhi, India, He speaks four languages i.e. English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi but he can read and write only first two. He can understand little Gujarati, Bangla and Bhojpuri as well but can not speak or write it.  Sandeep Bhalla does not actively follows any religion or religious practice. But he is a vegetarian who does not deny God and does not call himself atheist or agnostic.

Sandeep Bhalla is also a regular contributor to Mystery of Law and Justice which is an online legal magazine. To consult make an appointment here.

Sandeep Bhalla’s Amazon’s author page is here. His Google plus page is here.

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Most of the posts are rolling posts. Any post can be changed, amended or appended whenever an update is required. A significant departure from earlier position is sometime noted. This is done to avoid repetitive postings. Often links are provided for similar articles

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21 thoughts on “Author

  1. Sandeep ji, I’m a admirer of your thoughts….

    What’s Reincarnation as per you in right words….?

    My question may be answer for many….!!!!


    • Though it us flattering to know that you consider my article helpful but the discussion in private is contrary to the object if this blog. The idea is to share the problems and solutions. Unless you have something very personal to ask, feel free to ask.


      • Nothing Personal Sandeep, I was doing some research on all self publishing websites and kind of problems people faced .. My questions to you are:
        1. Which publishing site you decided and how
        2. Any steps you have taken for Notionpress


      • Actually I am using createspace for on demand publishing and Amazon for ebooks. Notionpress did publish my book but its pricing is impractical. Nobody will pay postage of 50 on a book of 110/-


  2. Namaste,
    i have read you r blog regarding fiitjee , i have a daughter who is studying in fiitjee Hyderabad last year she had medical problem thats why she couldn’t go to the college in the month of feb i sent my daughter to the college they made her stand in the everywhere till the day i went requested them for take her classes the director agreed and promised to take the classes and he said he will be allotting expert faculty and they would be completing the portion , after that they didn’t take her classes she was always made to wait all the time and they changed the faculty continuously and they alloted inexperienced faculty for her they forced her to by heart everything instead of teaching her even maths , i went and requested the director very much but he said only this faculty would be allotted you want to study , study otherwise your wish we forced for this at the last months he had done this they didn’t complete the portion she failed in her maths , and the second part is that we needed to pay the fee in the month of July but i went and requested him that i c got some problems thats i cant pay now and took time and he agreed but she was not allowed into the class , and we joined her in the sat classes which is conducted by them in the evening she went into the she was made to getup from the class despite our request i told then again she went after some days again she was made to get up after some days i told the head there and they agreed again she went and again she was made to get up and several times and she is being abused them and being called all kind of abuses for her.


    • Namaskaram Madam,
      I am pained to learn the ordeal of your daughter. We all need to be careful at all the times.
      I hope in future you would be more careful. BTW, did I miss any question, you may have asked?


  3. Hi,
    My name is siddharth. I came across this blog looking for some answers. I read the post of Kalyug – the current era.
    I just wanted to ask as what is karma exactly.
    As you sow, so shall you reap.
    To an answer there are many questions,
    To a quesion there are many answers.
    Choosing between the right and worng is where the whole problem is.
    If I was greedy in my childhood days, it was because of the society, culture. I was taught how to react/ respond to any situation.
    What is right and what is wrong.
    Ethically if I kill a man, it is wrong
    If being a soldier if I kill a man, its my duty
    The fact is being a soldier if I kill a man whom I know has not done harm to me personally and is performing the duty.
    The war is between governments.
    In childhood days I was told not to eat non-veg, as its a sin killing animals.
    Later I learnt in my higher class that even life exists in plants.
    Being a jain, our religion says that anything which has blood has life.
    My principles and morals are based on my experiences and knowledge. I apply it in my daily life during making decisions.
    But the question is whom shold I believe.
    Casteism, culture, traditions also decide our morals and helps us.
    We are being ruled from past many centuries by kings, Britishers and politicians.
    Every one came looted and gave as many as problems.
    Everything good or bad we do, we do it for just being happy and being contained.
    Education has only the power to change the world
    Education shold be based on the basic principles of humanity or there shouldn’t be anything violating the laws of humanity in education system.
    “Man who has the power to change/survive his present situation can also change/survive his future and his own karma, by only being positive and being human.”


    • I have already written about the myth created by misleading of Karma. Please search in the box. So what is the question? Is it what or why or when?
      There is no permanent or intrinsic value of any thing in this word. Including the statement just made.


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