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Presently my Books  are available in Print and/or digitally at

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 Latest book is ‘Principles of interpretation’ (of law) in India:

This is the self-help book on drafting of Wills published in 2013:

Commentary on Advocates Act is among the bestsellers which was first published in hard print in 2001 and sold out. Republished again in 2004 and sold out. It is presently available in Kindle format.

This is also a section by section, Commentary on Legal Services Authorities Act.

General Clauses Act is the interpretation law of India. This is a section by section, Commentary on this subject:

There are more books which can be reached by clicking at my name below.

Sandeep Bhalla


6 thoughts on “My Books

    • No idea. My book never sold except one copy, so I did not bother. Further they never made my book available at amazon or any other e-commerce forum except their own web site. You can decide your self.


  1. Hi I was just to fall in trap from educration to notion press but I was saved.Just wanted to know in India who is reliable? I can’t go for foreign publisher because my book is bilingual i.e. Hindi n English because It’s English grammar book for Hindi medium students.plz suggest


  2. Hi! Thanks for your article about notion press. You just saved me a lot of money and stress!
    Any suggestions please about a genuine publisher. I wanted to publish my book of English Poems. Will appreciate your advice .


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