Speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Aatmnirbhar Bharat.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s addressed to the Nation, late in the day. After Greetings to fellow citizens he high lighted that “for over four months the global community has been in the fight against Corona virus and during this period more than 42 lakh people across the world have been infected with Corona. More than 2.75 Lakh people have died tragically. In India too, people have lost their near and dear ones.I express my heartfelt condolences to all.”

He added the gravity of situation:

“Friends, a virus has destroyed the world. Crores of people around the world are facing a crisis. World all over is engaged in a battle to save precious lives. We have never seen or heard of such a crisis. This crisis is unthinkable as well as unprecedented for mankind.”

However-getting exasperated, losing heart or getting shattered, is not acceptable to the mankind. We have to remain vigilant, closely monitor it, follow the rules of engagement in such a war, save ourselves and move ahead. Today, when the world is in crisis, we must strengthen our resolve. Our great resolve will help overcome this crisis.

Friends, we have been hearing since the last century that the 21st century belongs to India. We have seen how the world was before Corona and the global systems in detail. Even after the infliction of the Corona crisis, we are constantly watching the situation as it unfolds across the globe. When we look at these two periods from India’s perspective, it seems that the 21st century is the century for India. This is not our dream, rather a responsibility for all of us.

But what should be its trajectory?

The state of the world today teaches us that a (AtmaNirbhar Bharat) “Self-reliant India” is the only path .It is said in our scriptures – EshahPanthahThat is – self-sufficient India.

As a nation today we stand at a very crucial juncture. Such a big disaster is a signal for India,it has brought a message and an opportunity.I will share my perspective with an example. When the Corona crisis started, there was not a single PPE kit made in India. The N-95 masks were produced in small quantity in India. Today we are in a situation to produce 2 lakh PPE and 2 lakh N-95 masks daily. We were able to do this because India turned this crisis into an opportunity.

This vision of India – turning crisis into opportunity- is going to prove equally effective for our resolve of self-reliant India.


Today the meaning of the word self-reliance has changed in the global scenario. The debate on Human Centric Globalization versus Economy Centralized Globalization is on. India’s fundamental thinking provides a ray of hope to world. The culture and tradition of India speaks of self-reliance and the soul is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

India does not advocate self-centric arrangements when it comes to self-reliance. India’s self-reliance is ingrained in the happiness, cooperation and peace of the world.

This is the culture which believes in the welfare of the world, for all the living creatures and the one which considers the whole world as a family. Its premise is ‘माता भूमिः पुत्रो अहम् पृथिव्यः’ – the culture that considers the earth to be the mother. And when the Bharat Bhumi, becomes self-sufficient, it ensures the possibility of a prosperous world. India’s progress has always been integral to the progress of the world.

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Will the lockdown in India end on 14th April or any time soon?

It is supposed to be last Sunday of the lock down but yesterday most Chief Ministers have already indicated that it must be extended by two weeks. Prime Minister has to take the final call but he has chosen not to speak, so far. So what would he do?

Can a patient be on ventilator forever?

Individuals have savings even if they are not salaried person who are supposed to get paid during this lock down but no industry can pay the employees, indefinitely. Prime Minister may have consulted the Chief Ministers of States yesterday but has not consulted the Industrialists as yet. Worse he has not invited suggestions from them, as to how they may run their industries under the new normal of social distancing. But before they may give those suggestions, they may have to interact with their floor managers which may not be possible in the lock down. That is another challenge. However the CII or Confederation of Indian Industries has made a representation on behalf of industries, to the Government.

These may be most challenging time in which a virus is out there to destroy every statistics the science and medicine has made in last 100 year to increase the longevity of human existence. The life of mature adults between the age of 20 to 40 may not be affected much and may be likely to survive but all those who hang in balance with severe conditions, with the help of medicine or surgery are at the risk of personal extinction.

Lies, Damn Lies and WHO lies:

We now know it as a fact that the initial assurance of China or it’s stooge WHO, was a lie that rate of mortality is about 3-4% of those infected. We will know about it after the dust of death settles down and this blood storm is over. It is however doubtful if we will ever know it correctly because every death does not precede a diagnosis and every diagnosis does not result in death. There shall always be patients who may succumb to death without putting up a fight or medical help.

Chinese Corona Wuhan Virus entering third stage of community transmission in India

After Janta Curfew it is lockdown:

Today 22 March 2020 witnessed a voluntary curfew across India which was unusually successful as people stayed behind doors. In the past when police used to enforce the curfew people would often come out in the inner lanes to gossip. But today it was an absolute curfew. Nobody could be seen on roads anywhere in India. The kind of discipline people have shown is really amazing. Total curfew without any policeman around except at usual pickets.

Now to prevent the spread of infection of Corona virus, various state governments of the country have announced lockdown in 75 districts from tomorrow, on the advice of the Union (central) government. These are the 75 districts where the highest number of corona virus positive patients have been found or deaths due to corona in these districts.

So far, 354 cases of corona virus have been reported in India. So far, 7 deaths have occurred in the country, including the death of two people on Sunday.

Uttar Pradesh:

Debbie Abraham is an unintelligent lier.

Can a lier be trusted?

Lying can be human trait but to be a successful lier man needs a lot of practice preservance and expertise. Historians are the ultimate experts. British and Communist historians are the best in the art of lying.

British parliamentarian Debbie Abraham head applied for a business visa last year and it was granted to her in October 2019 for one year duration. Debbie is known Pakistan proxy who works under the cover of human right activist. Why she was given visa is unclear but according to you this statement issued by the government the said visa was revoked on 14 February 2020 and Debbie was informed by email. Yet she chose to insist on visiting India without valid visa and when she was not permitted she played the victim card. She was insisting on visa on arrival claiming to be some very important person VIP.

In a wonderfully conducted interview on telephone by republic TV it is clear that she is not only a liar but is also a very poor and unintelligent one. She keeps on changing her stand and shifting the goal post in the interview. Listen to her and decide for yourself:

Citizenship amendment and protest by Nasiruddin Shah and Munawwar Rana.

Citizenship Amendment Act grant accelerated citizenship to persecuted minorities from three neighbouring countries. It reduces the period of naturalization from 12 years to 6 years. Yet this limited measure of concession is being protested by only one community in India that is Muslims. Why?

The answer to the question keeps changing. At first it was blame that there is a disinformation campaign in which it was rumoured that Muslims for being stripped of their citizenship and would be thrown out of country. Outrageous lie it maybe, but the fact it was accepted by any muslim Indian is ludicrous.

There are protest at Shaheen Bagh a predominantly Muslim locality in Delhi who have obstructed important highway for now about 70 days causing thousands of commuters several hours of additional driving everyday.

To top it all three characters have entered the fray. Naseeruddin Shah is a famous movie actor who was in a kind of lead role in recent movie called Tashkent files. Next is Munawwar Rana the poet who is famous for is Urdu couplet on ‘Mother’ next is a former President of Aligarh Muslim University Student Union. The first two characters were subtle but the last one was candid about the motivation for protest. Before advertising to these characters latest first look back and see what happened last year.

The year of 2019: