Rain Rain go away, poor people had enough today!

It is raining cats and dogs since yesterday night. Rain stops for a while but restarts again. The outpour becomes torrential and then it subsides to stop altogether. From where it starts all over again. By noon the rain stopped altogether. However the damage has been done. Whole day traffic was a mess. but now it is all quite.

New Delhi is to India what America is to the world. A large number of poor migrant labor flock to New Delhi in search of work and they live in shacks in Delhi serving the affluent households, offices or in small self-employed ventures as petty traders. Rain plays havoc to their household. Rain has declared a holiday, today for such people who after being awake whole night, surviving cold and rain would be managing their belongings or abode which may now be knee-deep in water, while we carry on with our lives in comfort of our houses, offices, cars or structures. For us life is as usual. While we mis the people who make our life comfortable with their toil, for unreasonable reciprocation we extend.

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