Hindu Religious myth created with Roman-Julian-Gregorian-Christian Calender

Hindu Gods in Christian Calender.

History of Calender:

The Calender we follow, according to which today is 5th August 2012; is called Gregorian Calender. It is so-called because it was compiled by Aloysius Lilius, who was so instructed by Pope Gregory XIII to correct the errors in the Julian Calendar which was being followed at that time. He so decreed because in the earlier calendar the Ester would not show up at precise astronomical time. Since this calendar was sponsored by church, it was and is also called Christian Calender.

Christian Calender in India:

English/British came to India as traders in 1599 but soon involved themselves in local Politics. They joined the Kings of smaller States by offering military help and by turn of 1700 AD they were controlling a large part of India. Eventually they colonized entire continent.
The British Rulers had difficult time in understanding the Indian Calendars especially its Sanskrit name for each day. They were accustomed to Gregorian Calendar and therefore wanted to popularize it. It appears that to popularize this calendar its days were translated into local language……….

Click to read entire article of myths created with translation of Christian Calender.

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