Solution for all the problems.

Co-existence with problems.

It is early in the morning and a splash of rain woke me up just like yesterday. But it was not the same. First it was a brief spell of rain which stopped abruptly. Then the clouds thundered, as if agonized by abrupt stoppage of rain. Then everything was quite. A complete whimper. After a while, another thunder and it started to rain normally. Not a perfect morning. Especially with so much thunderous noise, now and then.
Any how, I have decided that today I will categorize all my problems and solve them. Yes all of it. There is a quick fix formula. I can use logic and reason to fix the responsibility for my problems on every person I know except myself but I will take no shortcut. Yet I will solve the problems.After writing above I went back to sleep for another hour or two. When I woke up I got absorbed in daily routine. In the afternoon I have completed and published this post.
So what happened to problems?
What problems?
The problems with which I woke up?
Those problems will be dealt with when they appear.
It is plainly stupid to ‘plan’ to solve the problems that too all at once.
I stopped doing such silly things long ago.
So why was it written above?
I lied to myself. Because the Mind is always lying to us. Telling us to solve the problem which is dormant and we kindle it as per grand ‘plan’. Possibility is that it may expire on its own but we do not let it slumber, long enough.
Reality created by mind is not the actuality. Only four problems are real: 1) Breakfast, 2) Lunch, 3) Dinner and 4) Medicine/exercise/therapy if any. All other problems should wait and mostly they do get sorted out in time.

2 thoughts on “Solution for all the problems.

  1. You are so very literary! And the description of the rainfall was so elegantly done. I have “been there, and done that” so many times with nature’s bounty, especially rainfall as we are gripped in a nasty drought. Often when it rains, I will sit at the edge of our garage and watch, hear, feel, and smell the rain coming in, an experience which always brings to mind an old Baptist hymn, “Showers of Blessings, showers of blessings we plead…”


    • Do’nt tell me that I am litrary. I know very well how inadequate I am. But at five am in the morning the words just flew down to my mobile phone. There was no contribution of my mind at all. Perhaps thats why you liked it. Pure words untouched by my inadequacy.
      As regards rain, because of hot weather most of the time, we always love it. In any case the water is the life in purest form. Inspite of all the knowledge of science, it still looks like some kind of magic at work.


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