Visit to a religious shop-temple-gurudwara:

The religious theater:

All temples, churches, gurudwaras are nothing but religious theaters pretending to be greater than rest of mankind. Just like politicians.

I have tried my best to stay away from these commercial theatres playing the show of ‘God Bless You’. After all if God is The God why would thou shall have human prejudice of favouring only those who flatter the thou by visiting temple, church and gurudwaras. More so, how the places so commercial, as these temples etc. are, can be sponsored by The God unless such God is a proverbial dumb blonde or a moron. Continue reading

Life as a hermit

This morning when I was out for usual stroll, though later in time then usual, I met some hermits (sanyasi) sitting opposite the gate of an apparently rich man. Hermits must have been waiting for the alms. One of the hermits asked me as to what was the time. I told him the time and asked him ‘you left the world but could not leave the time?’ He replied ‘Time is everything.’ A correct reply but from a wrong person.
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Humility of knowing that God is everywhere.

This is beautiful little story about ‘God’ narrated by Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa who narrated this parable indicating, “But you may be intimate only with good people; you must keep away from the evil-minded. God is even in the tiger; but you cannot embrace the tiger on that account.”

The Story about humility

In a forest there lived a holy man who had many disciples.
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What God wants?

What God wants is a trillion dollar question. Combined GDP of whole world needs to be compared with budgets of all religions, temples churches, Gurus including the expenses of their concubines and children. It is a bloody question. Not in the abusive way but consider it in the light of bloodshed and blood bath we have seen and we are seeing. So what God wants?
Can we rationally focus it? Leaving aside all the teachings and all the presumption labelled as faith? Is it possible to focus for a moment?
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Liar, Liar and the flyer

Confessional painting by James TissotHe was here last year. Actually it is a strange coincidence. He was here on 12th July last year, when I had called him and here he was again by coincidence on 12th July 2013 again. I had given him an offer last year to avoid litigation. He agreed but afterwards he flew away, he chose to ignore it. It is always a matter of curiosity for me and as also for people with western education: Why people lie with such optimistic view of impunity of non-consequence?
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