An overview of failing relationships.

Our universe!

We are the centre of our universe. Relationships are based on our expectations. The least we expect is that the other person should care for us. But that is the least. Expectations are often immense. Immense expectations have immense impossibilities. Ambitions do not make life any easier. Some people expect that they are entitled to behave like irresponsible adolescent while expecting others to foot the bill.

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Liar, Liar and the flyer

Confessional painting by James TissotHe was here last year. Actually it is a strange coincidence. He was here on 12th July last year, when I had called him and here he was again by coincidence on 12th July 2013 again. I had given him an offer last year to avoid litigation. He agreed but afterwards he flew away, he chose to ignore it. It is always a matter of curiosity for me and as also for people with western education: Why people lie with such optimistic view of impunity of non-consequence?
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Conversing practical wisdom!

The bright sunshine, the first of 2013, after several days of fog, clouds and chilly winds has an elevating effect. Sitting in bright sun shine, turns every person to recluse. The body, after battering with cold for several days wants to relax and heal itself. Strangers sitting in lawn, hardly make any attempt to converse amongst each other. Each immersed in his own universe of thoughts, as if talking within. Many of them have seen more of the winters than others.
This reminds me of last weekend. An old friend and admittedly, more experienced, was narrating me several of his life experiences. Not that I wanted it, but talking made it possible for him to ignore his internal turmoil, the disappointments, the hurt and above all the loneliness. Delirious effect of drinks helped his cause further. To sum up he dropped these Chanakya like, pearls of wisdom:
“1. Be good from the out-side, if not from inside and keep the reality in mind;
2. Do not forget but know how to forgive;
3. Let there be enmity with someone but do not let him know;
4. Do justice or not, but make sure that it should appear that you are just.”

As is apparent, the old man had tried the above principles, all his life. It made him accumulate some wealth but it earned no solace or peace. Why? Because looking closely at each principle of the above Charter of Manipulation is sheer clever wording to be dishonest, brutal and cunning without any feeling of guilt. It is a blueprint for deception. After a life time of acting this deception, it becomes a reality. Mask becomes face. Several masks make one wonder about the real face. This oscillation, when causes depression take us to church, temple or some Guru to tell us that this world is an illusion and so are our problems. When it makes us elated, we go to pub and brag how wonderfully, we conquered, the world ruthlessly. Battering with these two ends, the mind becomes shallow and devolved.
Surprising fact is that every person knows the above principles and is following this Charter, believing that it is a secret knowledge, personal only to that person.
I wanted to convey this, but it was useless. Talking is rarely conversing. We only talk. We don’t listen. Even when we do pretend to listen, a little google inside our minds, merely scans the words and make us speak with a few words in response, without understanding the context; mental or environmental.
Most of the time, communication remains illusive and at best, just one-sided.

© Sandeep Bhalla

What is honesty? Why be honest?

Every person seems to have his own definition of honesty. A corrupt official would justify his corrupt actions by other good things he is doing for the public. A tax evading businessman will justify with the consolation that he is dishonest with Government and is not robbing the poor people. Those grifting every one, justify by saying that people deserve this.
Thus the question:

What is honesty? And more importantly, Why be honest?

Truth is often relative to perception. But let’s leave that for another time when we discuss mind games. It appears that fair dealing is most proximate to honesty in behaviour. Fair dealing is also the most simple and practical form of honesty. We must not do something to others, that we do not want others to do to us. The hypocrisy in following this standard makes us dishonest in our living.
There may be higher standards of honesty. For example revealing our thoughts. We often do not do it. But asking people to do something for one reason, while we hide the real motive is not only crooked but is sheer manipulation and is worst form of dishonesty.

Why be honest?

At the outset I must confess that my opinion is biased for it is based on my perception. But so is everything I say or write.
Principle of honesty is like traffic rules. On empty street nothing matters. But if there if traffic and vehicle do not obey rules, it results in chaos.
In practical example when we deviate from our centre of honesty we provide an excuse to others to be dishonest. It starts a game in which new lies are spun around manipulative schemes and thrown upon each other. A game of enticing deceptions. Living becomes surviving these traps. New frontiers of deceptions are drawn and erased everyday and one day one of the parties collapses either financially or physically or psychologically. Finally the hell is over for the exiting party to the game of dishonesty.
Hence the conclusion:
Honesty is still the best policy!

© Sandeep Bhalla

Photo editor, image viewer, size compression, manipulation or organization in Linux for free!

Pictures, Photographs or images are the second most important data after documents. For professional photographers, documents are secondary. Handling of images in Linux is very simple matter with a variety of open source programs and all are absolutely free. Image organizers, in Linux are far more superior to any other comparable system. Unfortunately there is no comprehensive guide at one place for the beginner or new user. Over years I have been trying various image processing software and here I have attempted to include as many as possible. These can be installed on Ubuntu and its derivatives and all Linux systems (with ‘apt-get’ command or Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager) or by downloading from the source given at the wiki page.

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