What God wants?

What God wants is a trillion dollar question. Combined GDP of whole world needs to be compared with budgets of all religions, temples churches, Gurus including the expenses of their concubines and children. It is a bloody question. Not in the abusive way but consider it in the light of bloodshed and blood bath we have seen and we are seeing. So what God wants?
Can we rationally focus it? Leaving aside all the teachings and all the presumption labelled as faith? Is it possible to focus for a moment?

Let us use our rationality. Let us test our logic. What God wants?
To begin with, God has to be omniscient if not omnipotent. He can be assumed to know that we as a society are structured on possessions and distribution of resources. Not only the resources like precious metal and stones but also like food and clothing and shelter. God can be presumed to know that billions sleep with one meal or no meal at all. What would God want? That we fight and kill in his name that starving or not starving people call themselves with a particular designation? Or identify with a symbol or flag, we created? Or God would want one of us to lead the rest to? God who is so powerful to create the world would require clutches on one human to communicate other humans? Such God must be stupid? Why would he prefer one over billions? Let us pause and think rationally? Would we be so irrational?
If any of us has to choose one out of billions, who will we choose? Ourselves?
That is the way we are. Each of us finds him/herself special. If not, it is despair. Is it not? We are unable to decide what God wants. We look over the shoulder and choose the object we are most comfortable with. That means the object we are told from childhood and are habitual with. That may be so but do we ever question it? Do we ever question it in entirety?
Why would God want us to do silly things like pushing each other to a certain way of life? If God is so powerful, that has to be otherwise thou is no God, why he need one or many of us for coercing one another.
But that is for those who are in employment of God, with or without thou consent.
If I were God, I would want to be human. I would like to know why we do the things we do. Do we know, why we do the things we do? Can we be candid with ourselves? Can we truly say that we know for certain for all the things we did in our lives, why we did those things?
Why not for a change look into ourselves and find out why we do the things we do. It is not easy but may be we should do it. The reasons supplied by others for our actions may not suffice. Can we explain that we believed that a certain Guru or Pope or Institution told us that this was right so we did it? If that answer is acceptable, the beasts whom we made pet are no different than us for they do what they are trained and told to do.
To be born human is an accident but to remain human is courageous struggle which is not made easy by any religious teaching.
Oh God.
Oh My God.

3 thoughts on “What God wants?

  1. Wow! What a powerful observation about religion and human duplicity. And, I’m sure that most persons of faith readily dismiss you, and these questions, and attribute them to the “darkness” of your heart. At least that is what I once would have done. But not at this point in my life. I believe that faith must be willing to entertain questions of this sort even if there is no precise, absolute answer to be found…at least one that we can wrap our head around. This is gut-level “stuff” you are tossing out there and mankind, collectively and individually, needs to have the courage to wrestle with the “cynicism” that you appear to voice.

    I look at the human situation and am appalled like you. My faith is brought to bear on this situation with the hope that “there is a destiny that doeth shape our ends, rough hew them how we may.” And though my faith permits and even encourages me to address these global concerns, my faith also reflects a deep and abiding belief that I must “think globally, act locally,” twisting that bromide to say that while I wrestle with cosmic concerns, I feel I must focus primarily on my own personal haunts and flaws. I feel that my faith most of my life has erred in failing to do so, paying more attention on “them” than on myself. That error is why religion is so ugly and has been from the day it first came our way.

    But let me confess. I talk a good line…and I’m very serious and sincere about it…but I just don’t do a very good job of it most of the time and of course those nearest and dearest to me have to deal with the consequences. An old neurological recording then wants to berate me, but I’m much better at employing what the Judeo-Christian tradition calls “Grace” and just turn that verbal, monkey-mind chatter off for a moment. What I call “God’s Grace” has me covered and though I am so “human,”…as if I could ever be otherwise…that grace is sufficient to forgive myself and allow me to continue to “chop wood, carry water.” I believe “human” endeavor, flawed though it always will be, offers the hope that within it there is that “destiny that doeth shape our ends.” As I say so often, quoting my pal W. H. Auden, “We wage the war we are.”

    Yes, there is escapism in faith; there is habit.There is in mine to be sure. But, having owned up to that, the “escapism” maneuver does not work as well as it used to and I am left more alone to deal with reality and my faith assists me in doing that.

    As they say, “Keep on truckin’!”


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