Liar, Liar and the flyer

Confessional painting by James TissotHe was here last year. Actually it is a strange coincidence. He was here on 12th July last year, when I had called him and here he was again by coincidence on 12th July 2013 again. I had given him an offer last year to avoid litigation. He agreed but afterwards he flew away, he chose to ignore it. It is always a matter of curiosity for me and as also for people with western education: Why people lie with such optimistic view of impunity of non-consequence?

A recent view I came across was rather amusing. It was an author who wrote about Indian history about 100 years ago. According to him, the fact that Indian mythology defines life as Maya or illusion, people do not respect truth. I do not agree. I understand that it is the people who understand nothing about Maya and who have misconception of being either of higher caste or in so-called higher mythological virtues, they have less respect of truth. Often the serious fraudsters have unusual strong faith in God or deity or whatever. It helps him being superior over others and a justification for deception.
Yet it is not difficult to come across the people with deepest respect for truth an honour. In fact the person, who initiated the inspiration for this writing, was accompanied by this liar and he reiterated for truth and honour of the prior commitments. He had no problems except that he had befriended this liar. Though coming days will reveal true colours.
It is doubtful that a liar who has built his life on lies would give up easily but it is interesting to watch. In the period of life riddled with scarcity, the lies are a weapon acquired for accumulation or may be for survival but the habits, as always, cling forever. They love to call it business. The name of business, even if it is Lotus i.e. a flower which is a symbol of purity, makes no difference.
The most interesting part of life of such liars remains their morning ritual of worshipping the God or deity or whatever. Do they consider the God as dumb as their compatriots on this planet? It appears to be so.
All the best lairs. Keep paying your doctors and lawyers while the God keeps track of your deeds. Hope you would find solace in your web of lies which may glisten like truth and God to you. I shall wait as always.

1 thought on “Liar, Liar and the flyer

  1. I agree there is so much dishonesty in the “god business.” One of my intense blog critics recently assailed me for “escapism” and perhaps she is right; there is certainly an escapist dimension to religion but I think there is to the entire human endeavor. “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.”


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