Obstacles created by education in the path of knowledge.

Education is believed to be liberator, inculcating new ideas, assimilating streams of knowledge and thereby transformation of an individual. It all seems so nostalgic. A cause worth living and fighting for. The possibilities can not be denied. However at ground level it is not. The result of education turns out to be different.
Having acquired habit of seeking confirmation from the writings of so called wise people, we lose esteem to make up our own mind. We are unable to express without quoting a few references. While there is no harm in appreciating beautiful expression of a human being from the past; the problem arises when the expression becomes an authority.
An authority is anathema to education. The true education is about asking right questions and finding right answers by experimenting and experiencing. Experiment can be circumstantial, like astronomy or direct like chemistry. But an education inculcating belief in others’ words and expression is intellectual slavery.
Worst part of eduction is belief system based on systematic logic by excluding information which disturbs the logic. Darwin’s theory of evolution is one such system. While improvisation of species for survivor ship can not be denied but the evolution of human mind is exasperating, for it appears to be devolving.
The fact that theory may be right or conjectural, is besides the point but the generation of belief around theory is no sign of eduction. I wonder how many Doctorates have been given to scientists in past three decades who tried to prove Darwin was wrong? Answer would be: None! In fact a teacher openly disputing Darwin would find it impossible to find a job at any teaching institute.
The cult like formation of intellectual associations which control the embellishments of scholarly honours or the organisations for imparting education, never bade good for development of any knowledge and is a clear anathema to Education.
It is no surprise that successful scientists and businessmen, in the past were and now are often college drop outs. Those with Doctorates stay away from real life and create more followers in eduction without burdening them with knowledge.
However by very nature of our loneliness and desire to be recognised by somebody and if not to be identified with something great, we create cults in every sphere and education is no exception. While those in control of resources develop thick skin and deaf ears in no time but those in the path of being educated can ensure that they may not become as stale as their teachers. They can watch out and keep an open mind to question popular theories which have acquired the dogma of mythological authority in the field of science and education.

5 thoughts on “Obstacles created by education in the path of knowledge.

  1. Very astute observation about education. I really liked the note, “Worst part of education is belief system based on systematic logic by excluding information which disturbs the logic.” That is the education I received as a child though it is important to note also that part of that problem was my own natural proclivity for “logic” over “thoughtfulness.” W. H. Auden once noted that when you are in the presence of someone steeped in that kind of education, you are witnessing a “logical lunatic.” (However, here again I also demonstrated that old character flaw of mine—an external reference!)


      • I will have much more to say re the “external reference” habit. Your thoughts of late have made me realize that it arose in the tribal religion of my youth where “the Bible” was the final reference point and was never to be questioned. Paralleling that was the notion that “God” was always “out there”…way “out there” in a place far, far away!


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