Enigma of Communication

imageCommunication is an art. Experts can do without words. Often language becomes a barrier. Only a careful choice of words relative to the person addressed can work in a conversation. Here is an example of non-diligence in conversation:

Wife: ‘Honey I cooked some snacks.’ Husband: ‘OK I will have some before dinner.’
Snacks is served.
H: ‘So much! This will become my dinner.’
Wife: (Response 1): ‘OK, so I will not cook dinner, now.’
(Response 2): ‘OK, I will take it back.’

Right approach for husband was to be specific: ‘Give me a small portion, please. Shall have the dinner as well.’
This is a small example of communication gap. But is exists everywhere. We jump to speak with presumption that it is other persons’ duty to comprehend what we said. Like a monarch. This in-specific rather perfunctory communication often leads to misunderstandings which last long. Verbosity may be an excellent advantage for writing a fiction or other literature but communication is about preciseness of expression not the multitude of it or the creativity thereof.
Note: No offence intended for original jester whose joke was modified for the above purpose.

2 thoughts on “Enigma of Communication

  1. Yes, communication is an “enigma”…as is life itself. It must have been an amazing experience when Adam and Eve uttered the first word to each other and they realized they were talking about the same object.


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