My writers block

Writers block can be of different kind.

In last about one year, I am trying to write rather I am writing only to discard it later. Something right is not happening. It is a non fiction based on research but the idea is shrinking and expanding. First it was too big a project to cover. So I shrunk it and began afresh in September 2018 but only now to discover that  it is boring, just like all other books I compiled for law. Except that it not the law which is the topic, this time.

It dawns on to me that writing about law is the easiest thing to do. It is expected to be boring. Least of all, nobody expects a law-book to be gripping. It is so easy to compile under different topics, liberally use cut paste and the book is ready. Only research is time-consuming. Once research is complete, writing a law-book is the easiest part. As author, one could write and even if what is written is cumbersome to understand, author is never blamed. Every reader thinks that perhaps his/her IQ is not that good. [:)] Author gets no blame. How convenient.

However to write a non fiction which is gripping, free-flowing and which does not sound like a text-book, is a real challenge. At least for me. So after scrapping my third draft (1/3rd part actually), today, I am going to try to start again.

Why don’t I quit?

The idea did cross my mind. But I do not have any other challenge, at present. Having failed three times makes it even more attractive. There is nothing more attractive than poison and impossible.

There is no reason to quit. One year in waste is the price of learning curve. Hope I get it write this time. Wish me luck even if we do not believe in that. It is customary.

Maya: The enchanting illusion of blogging.

Maya is a Sanskrit word which is often used in Hindu Mythology and scriptures to define the phenomenon called ‘the World.’ A variety of translations or interpretation of this word exist and are being propounded. It however appears to me that real meaning of word ‘Maya’ is ‘enchanting illusion.’ To explain it is an illusion which not only look real but appear to be there when it is not. A kind of backward Mirage of past, extending into present. To exemplify, the Blogging efforts made by some bloggers.

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Life as a hermit

This morning when I was out for usual stroll, though later in time then usual, I met some hermits (sanyasi) sitting opposite the gate of an apparently rich man. Hermits must have been waiting for the alms. One of the hermits asked me as to what was the time. I told him the time and asked him ‘you left the world but could not leave the time?’ He replied ‘Time is everything.’ A correct reply but from a wrong person.
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Blogging: Why bother to write when we can recycle content?

Education is all about ability to perceive facts, from reading about it, as against actually watching it to happen. To be a good reader, requires two things. First is the knowledge of the language and second is ability to imagine. Reading and daydreaming goes hand in hand. Reading, like all things, often becomes an obsession, but that is another matter.
Writing is an extension of reading. Writing also involves two things. First command over the language and second is clarity of perception of thought. Writing transforms the abstract thought into tangible words. Continue reading