Vodafone India shareholders and creditors would love to know this!

There seems to be serious problems in operations of Vodafone India. There are certain facts the Vodafone’s India operation that stakeholders would love to know. But I do not know if they will like  what they read but I have to tell as a consumer for over a decade and an honest person. I am thinking how to inform them these vital facts about the financial health of Vodafone India. Administration or operational problems are first signs of financial trouble. Any way let me capitulate the facts then we will deal with the problem of communication:
1. It is now consumer unfriendly. A company which exploits or ignores its customers get a kick in the back from the customers, either when they least expect it or when they thought they least deserve it. Continue reading

BlackBerry Curve 9220 User Review with Evaluation of it’s good, bad or ugly qualities and specifications.

Blackberry Mobile phone 9220


BlackBerry has launched Curve 9220 in April 2012 and It’s Global Launch began from India instead of USA. The best thing about this phone is its price that it is cheap and the worst thing is its plastic looks which are also cheap. After using it for three months, I would suggest that one should buy this phone only in certain circumstances which have been formulated at the end of this page. Continue reading

Vodafone India staff unhappy to help while biting nails

Happy to help you?

Vodafone India’s tag line was “Happy to help you.” This sentence used to be written everywhere. On website, brochures, billboards and stationary. But that was long time ago. It is neither used anymore not practiced by its staff. It appears Vodafone itself or its staff is tired of customers. While telecom companies in India are reeling under tremendous financial pressures to retain customers, it appears Vodafone is overwhelmed with its customers. I am a subscriber to Vodafone for about 14 years. At that time it was called “Hutch-Essar.” Because of discriminatory practice adopted against the post paid (those who pay as per bill) customers, after taking one year to decide, I decided to switch to pre-paid services. As adviced by customer care, I paid a visit to Vodafone Service Center at Karol Bagh, New Delhi. See the picture below. There were more staff members then customers.

Vodafone staff biting nails

Vodafone staff biting nails (Faces are intentionally blurred)

To protect the privacy, I have smooched their faces. Now there were 7 counters. Two are depicted in above picture. One person is enjoying his laptop while actually biting his nails. Continue reading

Push Mail Sync in India


Image courtesy learntelecom.com

Even though the Android has changed the way things work in the push-mail. Yet more choices or competition generally bring out the best. I recently came across this offer which would be only for India as this carrier does not operate outside India. It would be interested to know what more they offer besides syncing contacts, calendar, tasks and notes etc. apart from the Push-mail. It is claimed that they support almost all popular devices including blackberry and android.

BSNL has launched BharatSync Push Mail & PIM Sync services for its esteemed Customer all over India. By Using this service, BSNL customers will be able to get email pushed to their mobile phone virtually from any of their email accounts as well as perform synchronization of their Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks across their mobile phone and BSNL BharatSync server.  http://bsnl.co.in/bharat_berry/

The service is available for Rs. 80/ per month. A good option if BSNL is your carrier and you are struck with that Shylock Blackberry.

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Love equals mobile…


Every year thousands of people die in accidents with motor vehicles and their dependents after pursuing legal battles in courts for years and sometime for decades get compensation for their loss. One head of compensation is ‘Loss of love & affection’. Always a meager sum of say  Rs. Ten thousand to forty thousand is awarded. Going by the principle of precedent it is now settled that cost of love is equivalent to the price of not very expensive mobile phone. So love and affection is equal to mobile phone. No wonder children want a new mobile every year if not six months.