Vodafone India shareholders and creditors would love to know this!

There seems to be serious problems in operations of Vodafone India. There are certain facts the Vodafone’s India operation that stakeholders would love to know. But I do not know if they will like  what they read but I have to tell as a consumer for over a decade and an honest person. I am thinking how to inform them these vital facts about the financial health of Vodafone India. Administration or operational problems are first signs of financial trouble. Any way let me capitulate the facts then we will deal with the problem of communication:
1. It is now consumer unfriendly. A company which exploits or ignores its customers get a kick in the back from the customers, either when they least expect it or when they thought they least deserve it.
2. It has serious bandwidth issues. It has overstretched its resources. The mobile Internet speed was very poor for last month or so Actually the warning was in the air, as I had observed earlier that Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) would stop at peak hours of morning and evening. What is amazing is that if as an average consumer I could sense trouble, the management must be better informed and what they did in past eight months? Nothing except bidding with the Govt. for additional spectrum?
3. While it is cheating post paid customers by offering them disadvantageous tariff over prepaid, it has also devised ways to cheat prepaid. While it announced hundreds of recharging plans on its website and offers them to new connections, the plans are neither available on-line nor in physical format. Thus cheating the existing customers.
4. It’s bottom line is shrinking fast this year and may have to find some cosmetic way to keep it up.
5. Failure to maintain quality is violation of THE STANDARDS OF QUALITY OF SERVICE FOR
WIRELESS DATA SERVICES REGULATIONS, 2012 (26 OF 2012) issued by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Which means some penalties or what?
So beware stakeholders.
Or is it closely held company? For few hundred rupees who is going to waste time in finding out. Any suggestion where to port the number?

P.S.: Added on 5th Feb 2013

Mobile Internet stopped altogether yesterday. I have checked with many people, all have the same complaint. Since I am a prepaid customer, I could see it coming so I have not recharged my phone for 15 days and am using wifi. How many more will be there, like me who will not recharge or port the number. Blackberry did not care once. Vodafone does not care now!
All the best to you Vodafone.

Added on 11 Feb 2013

Few days back I recharged again. Speed was an issue. Changing the sim to android handset helped. But data connection still drops often.I wonder if slow speed on Blackberry was for some special reason.

Added on 12 Feb 2013
It is worst since morning. The Data Connection snaps so often that I have switched to other sim. Thank God that I bought Dual sim Android. Vodafone sucks!

8 thoughts on “Vodafone India shareholders and creditors would love to know this!

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  2. Hello Sandeep,

    We called again and there was no response. We will get back to you with further assistance in sometime. Also, share your alternate contact number so that we can assist you further.

    Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR


  3. Hello Sandeep,

    We called on your number but there was no response. Please share an alternate contact number with us also let us know a convenient time between 9AM to 6PM to reach you.

    Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR


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