Vodafone India shareholders and creditors would love to know this!

There seems to be serious problems in operations of Vodafone India. There are certain facts the Vodafone’s India operation that stakeholders would love to know. But I do not know if they will like  what they read but I have to tell as a consumer for over a decade and an honest person. I am thinking how to inform them these vital facts about the financial health of Vodafone India. Administration or operational problems are first signs of financial trouble. Any way let me capitulate the facts then we will deal with the problem of communication:
1. It is now consumer unfriendly. A company which exploits or ignores its customers get a kick in the back from the customers, either when they least expect it or when they thought they least deserve it. Continue reading

Google search engine needs overhauling: A review

Mobile search handicap:

Google search engine is often disappointing. For example, while searching for a video converter it started with a four years old page. Now on Desktop we have search tools and we can modify the time period within which search is to be made, it is not possible on mobile view. For many things this difficulty makes searching from mobile, a complete waste of time. Continue reading

The Award of Most Persistent Spammer of the Year 2012 goes to “lista de mail.”

Life is not easy.Nor is virtual living on the INTERNET.  Thanks to word-press, they have effective Spam filter (called akismat). Or I should say extremely effective. However the Spam comments are accumulated for us to choose and delete or approve at our peril. Increase in traffic is directly proportionate to increase in spams. However, it appears that the most persistent Spammer, this year had been “lista de mail.” It is an email service which keeps on sending Spam Comments through a variety of sources. No other Spammer has tested my patience, the way this website. approx, 10 comments per day. If I mis to delete for a few days, there is mountain of Spam comments piled up. Would some Robinhood hacker take care of this website to provide some leverage to an average blogger.
Since all these comments were by third parties posting a link to that web site, nothing can be legally attributed to them. Hence no legal action is possible as well.
Hence the award of being the “Most persistent Spammer of the Year 2012″ goes to lista de mail.” May it be doomed forever.

Will they now have mercy of leaving us alone?
I have doubts.

Where is Robinhood.

S.V. Robinhood

S.V. Robinhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

© Sandeep Bhalla

How to handle security issues with Shangmail/Hudeemail?

Welcome Screen of HudeeMail

Hudeemail is a service claimed to be provided by Babeeta Beijing Technology Co. Ltd., but the profile of this company is not clear. It claims that its Chinese counterpart shangmail is a e-mail provider in china. Hudeemails’s website does not provide any physical address. Rather it claims that HudeeMail and Babeeta are two different companies and Babeeta handles the front end. Installation method of hudeemail has been described elaborately in my previous post about installation and some security concerns  if it is a hack? To trust a company in China, whose legal system is completely unknown, is a little difficult. Worst part is that Blackberry is completely silent. No technical person comes forward with details.

When hudeemail accesses the Google or Yahoo, first it accesses as if it is from a desktop from an IP address in USA. Hence the google/yahoo/etc. detect that account is not being accessed from the regular place or even country and a warning is generated. Warning does not give any indication as to what was the name of client which accessed its server. Continue reading