Vodafone India shareholders and creditors would love to know this!

There seems to be serious problems in operations of Vodafone India. There are certain facts the Vodafone’s India operation that stakeholders would love to know. But I do not know if they will like  what they read but I have to tell as a consumer for over a decade and an honest person. I am thinking how to inform them these vital facts about the financial health of Vodafone India. Administration or operational problems are first signs of financial trouble. Any way let me capitulate the facts then we will deal with the problem of communication:
1. It is now consumer unfriendly. A company which exploits or ignores its customers get a kick in the back from the customers, either when they least expect it or when they thought they least deserve it. Continue reading

Installing HudeeMail/Shangmail on Blackberry

Step by step guide to installing pushmail on Blackberry without official BIS or BES:

Warning (added on 1st June 2013): This post is deprecated as website hudeemail.com and its pushmail service has stopped working for past several years.

An adventure with BlackBerry;

First a clarification: shangmail.com is the Chinese website and hudeemail.com is the English website. Both seem to be related. Hudeemail provides a third party solution or alternative to official Blackberry pushmail. Hudeemail is free and is supported by Advertisements displayed over the emails. Most Ads are irritating. That is the mental price we have to pay.


1. Blackberry phone with TCP-IP through APN or wifi.
(If this is beyond understanding, try to solve this mystery first or go ahead just try)
2. Little understanding.

Retrieving the installation packages

We require three packages:

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Is Blackberry Mail app hacked by HudeeMail/ShangMail?

A new BB hack?

It appears BlackBerry lock on its messaging app for Email has been broken, hacked or compromised.
BlackBerry push mail is available only if it’s BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) is subscribed. Of course that entails monthly charges other than TCP-IP browsing charges. If BIS is not subscribed the option is to install third party IMAP mail client like LogicMail. But it is not push mail. It consumes more battery. The only other option is Hudee Mail which is International face of Chinese mail service ShangMail.


Now HudeeMail claims that it provides push mail from its own servers. But its website provides neither any ‘Log In’ nor any mail box. Registration is from mobile and is unrealistically simple. Enter any user name and enter your chosen password twice. That’s it. After registration add mail boxes like Gmail or Yahoo and you start receiving your mail in BB mail client box.
The best part is that I activated the service on 31st May 2012, 20 days after I had purchased this BB handset. In the middle of night at 3.00 AM, I received a message that BIS is being activated on my phone which was actually done at 3 PM. When I enquired, was told that it is free for 3-4 months as part of some scheme. But Vodafone (India) has no such scheme on its website.
In HudeeMail I had used different account. I set up my regular email account in BB client. Received a message and upon reply it went out by other HudeeMail Account. Problem was corrected after HudeeMail was un-installed.
Similarly after BIS or BES connectivity was activated, installing Hudeemail disabled the existing mailboxes. Then we can use only HudeeMail configured Mail Boxes only. Nothing short of un-installing HudeeMail, solves the Problem. This also shows that HudeeMail tweaks the OS or MailBox settings to work its way.
However from above it appears’ HudeeMail is some trick patch/app and not an independent mail service. BB is buying time to remedy it.

Curse of history:

History tells as that when prisoners become self-reliant they were accepted as independent nation. Will BlackBerry accept?
Let us wait and see.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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Blackberry is not a smart phone but an access device!

Blackberry has confirmed that it is not in the market as a smart phone at all. It is a phone (means a cellular device for voice communication only) which also provide access to BIS(means Blackberry Internet Services). It owes no duty except to provide voice communication and browsing the Internet by wi-fi. Read the following:

Too Many Blackberrys

Too Many Blackberrys (Photo credit: Ninja M.)

Dear Sir,
Thank you for contacting REDINGTON BLACKBERRY support.
Kindly contact your service provider for further help. As the blackberry works only with the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). WiFi in blackberry is meant only for browsing purpose.
If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us either by replying to this message or by calling at one of the number below.
Black Berry Support
Toll Free: 1800-425-3720 | Email Support: blackberrysupport@redington.co.in
Hours of operation: 10:00 AM – 06:30 PM, Monday to Saturday

The above communication is about Blackberry Curve 9220. Take careful note of text in italics. It does not even talk about Blackberry Enterprise Service as it will not serve any purpose to an individual. But this feature is there in this phone also, but RIM is non-committal on this service as well. . Therefore any person buying a Blackberry, be sure it promises only three things:

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

1.  Voice Communication
2. Access to Blackberry Internet Services.
3. Access to Internet through Browser on WiFi.

The legal problem is that while selling the phone they do not say so. Can you sell a device and do not disclose the hidden or postponed charges? What if you buy a car and every time you switch on radio or CD-Player it asks you to pay? Or what you buy a car but you may have to pay a monthly rental for its engine or exhaust pipe or some other important part of it which you can not remove from it? It would constitute cheating. Inducement to part with property (money) without any intention to deliver what was impliedly promised due to non-disclosure of essential terms. The correct approach would be to clearly mention on each box, the financial implications which would ensue after the sale is complete.

What they also do not disclose that their BIS piggy ride on local cellular service provider and naturally they both charge you together. Hence you end up paying about 4-5 times more than what you pay for normal Internet access through cellular phone. I was wondering why it is so. The reason is historical. In 1999, when Research In Motion, the Manufacturer of this phone, started, they were the only company providing data access on a mobile phone. In fact back then it was known as two-way pager. The world changed. Technology changed. Mobile phones changed. Cellular Service Providers Changed. Tariffs nose-dived. Borders shrunk. Research In Motion did not or could not change. Hence the same legacy pattern of tariff, which now look exorbitant. Problem is not that it charges so much but the real problem is it offers so less at these charges ie.: 1. Messaging, 2. email, 3. Device backup/sync. Since I am struck with it, I have to find some ways to deal with bye-passing this BIS. I shall post about my efforts about using the phone without help of RIM in future posts.

© Sandeep Bhalla