Ubuntu Precise Problem: White Screen of Death!

It is said that over a period of time two enemies start to resemble each other. Ubuntu Linux taking on Windows 8 with Unity has started to resemble the Windows. The famous Window’s blue screen of death and black screen of death has taken avatar in Ubuntu as White Screen of Death. The System has Ubuntu Precise 12.04 with Unity and Cinnamon. I use Cinnamon. Unity is maintained only for the satisfaction of the Update Manager. For past many days, the computer would frequently freeze and active window would be replaced by the Desktop albeit minus the icons or task bar. In a few seconds the active window would reappear as it disappeared. Every day there are few crash reports as well. However today after many crash reports, the screen turned White. Completely white screen is pretty scary. As bad as the black screen of death on Windows.
My guess is that perhaps some bug fix is required. I have not updated the system for a while this could be the reason. Update Manager is yelling everyday asking for 270 plus Mb of data. Yes, that is the problem. In this much of amount, this could be upgrade to next version. Why so many updates. Because of too many bugs? Bugged release was also policy of Windows.
Presently I have restarted the laptop with Knoppix and from there I am writing this post. Should I log in to terminal and update Ubuntu or switch to Lubuntu? It was still in trial on other computer. The only problem with Lubuntu is poor visual appearance. But for that Knoppix is here. Lubuntu is working fine for now about 7 days. Programs run fast. Not a single crash. What should be done?

To be or not to be? Decide sb?

Added on 7 February 2013
It was decided for me. It appears that the graphic card of laptop has failed. The cause of problem was not Ubuntu/Unity but a pure harware failure.

Please share your views.

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