Installing HudeeMail/Shangmail on Blackberry

Step by step guide to installing pushmail on Blackberry without official BIS or BES:

Warning (added on 1st June 2013): This post is deprecated as website and its pushmail service has stopped working for past several years.

An adventure with BlackBerry;

First a clarification: is the Chinese website and is the English website. Both seem to be related. Hudeemail provides a third party solution or alternative to official Blackberry pushmail. Hudeemail is free and is supported by Advertisements displayed over the emails. Most Ads are irritating. That is the mental price we have to pay.


1. Blackberry phone with TCP-IP through APN or wifi.
(If this is beyond understanding, try to solve this mystery first or go ahead just try)
2. Little understanding.

Retrieving the installation packages

We require three packages:

1. Hudeemail installation from here. Choose your version and download it on phone directly or through computer.
2. File Manager from BB-app-world
3. Unzip Manager (if file Manager does not or fails to unzip)

Opening and installing the software package:

The package is in zip format. It contains three files with  same name i.e. HudeeMail but each with different extension. Unzip all the files on computer or on phone. For phone we may have to install Unzip or some app.

Install any File Manager from BB app world. e.g. Rock File Manager:

Start Rock File Manager and browse to the memory card and to the folder where all the three files are located. Click or select and press the HudeeMail.cod file. File Manager will ask for permission to install and it is done. Run the HudeeMail and it pops up welcome screen:

Hudee Mail Free; Welcome Screen

Hudee Mail (New Welcome Screen)

Now press menu key on BB and choose ‘register’. Enter a user name before ‘Account’. A unique password for ‘Password’ and repeat it in next confirmation box. Next option is about Network. Leave it to default DirectTCP. Press Confirm and it should be done. If there is any problem try changing the user/account name.

Once registration is done; login with newly created account and password. Now add your mailbox of gmail or yahoo or aol etc. by choosing Bind Account from the menu. Add two or more or all or as many. But all mailboxes will be linked to the default BB mailbox. Once done the pushmail will be delivered in BB mailbox. Please note that there is no HudeeMail mailbox. If perplexed read here.

But please note that if we have BIS or BES connectivity, installing Hudeemail will disable the existing mailboxes. Then we can use only HudeeMail configured Mail Boxes only. Nothing short of un-installing HudeeMail, solves the Problem.


(Added on 20 Jan 2013)
It appears that after installation it works and after some time the Hudeemail stops syncing. It just does not deliver the messages. Actually some other programs also behave in this manner. There are three things we can do to solve this problem. First is to open Hudeemail and manually retrieve the email. One manual retrieval, generally solves the problem. Second is to exit the Hudeemail and restart the same. After re-start press options button and choose ‘Continue’ at top of the menu. Retrieve the mail manually once. This should solve the problem. Third is to pull the battery out to enforce hard restart. This also solves the problem. either of these methods or a combination can be successively employed to solve the problem. It is seven months, since I am using the Hudeemail. No problems so far, except this one, which is mostly solved by manual retrieval, once in a while.

(Added on 9th Feb. 2013)
It must be ensured from the Menu that in the settings>settings, the selection looks like this:

Hudeemail SettingsAs per above settings after the power level drops to 20%, Hudeemail will go offline. In that case it has to be brought online manually. Once offline, it remains stuck there until it is brought online from the menu.

Note of caution/Disclaimer:

The above instructions are indicative of how I installed Hudeemail on my Blackberry 9220 with OS 7.01. It may not work or may create trouble. I take no responsibility and personally I do not recommend installing HudeeMail or any application. For that matter I do not recommend any one to do anything at all; even to hold breath or to continue with breathing.
Added on 3rd March 2013:
It is interesting to know that while the above installation works on one phone but does not work on an identical phone. It may have something to do with service books as stated in the comments. There is another way to get these configuration files. Uninstall Hudeemail and subscribe to BIS for smallest cycle like a weak or a month and discontinue. Now reinstall Hudeemail. It may work. It is worth trying. Please help others by sharing in comments, if this method works.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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56 responses to “Installing HudeeMail/Shangmail on Blackberry

  • sur

    Sir, I searched for the TCP/IP APN name. And got it in the official site of the service provider under the head of manually installation of gprs in cell phones. Please tell me whether I can browse through websites in my 9220. Is there any chance that my phone gets locked by service provider when they find out that I am using browser without BIS. Please help.please reply. Thanks


  • Jp

    Sir,i think a servicebook must required for sending mail from BB without BES/BIS.for more information:–try–blackberry-push-mail-with-shangmail.Thank you sir..


  • Sandeep Bhalla

    It should be working. BTW did you create a new mailbox (as suggested in or using the old one. I think you got it slightly wrong. Did you Open Hudeemail or clicked on mailbox. How you started to compose new mail?


  • jp

    Dear sir thanks for the detailed information.I installed hudeemail & When i tried to bind my gmail ,its not possible and in Gmail inbox is showing “We prevented the sign-in
    attempt in case this was a
    hijacker trying to access
    your account. Please
    review the details of the
    sign-in attempt: Friday, September 7, 2012
    5:46:16 PM GMT
    IP Address:
    ( Location: Harrison, NY, USA”. What happend? is it normal?


  • iPhone Reviews

    [iPhone model (3g,8Gb,16Gb…etc): 4s is a pure disaster here in the czech repulbic. battery life around 6 hours max making just a few calls and few sms messages… email disaster by itself!!! push email not working at all. emails downloaded only as per manual download activated – meaning starting “push mail” principle??? simply a mobile not worth to have at all… do not go for it if you wish to have a functioning tool in your hands… disaster!!!!!!]


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