The quest for truth and enlightenment.

The truth about everything!

white-flower-20130402x640At certain stage of life or due to certain problems in life, like sour relationships, death, illness, poverty, loss of child or near one or an abysmal feeling of being mortal that too for a short period of time; brings us to a question as to what is the truth of life or in life. Of course those who do not travel beyond two dimensions in their thought, ponder for a lesser period of time and get back to their routine. Others also get back to routine sooner or later but the thought hounds: Have we missed something in life? Were we supposed to perform better? Worse is this thought: Is there God? Did we do something wrong or sinned? or Why this happened to me? Why do I have to be ill? Why should I die? Why can’t I live forever? When such thoughts become persistent it affects the equilibrium of mind. Different reactions take place in different people.
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Vodafone India staff unhappy to help while biting nails

Happy to help you?

Vodafone India’s tag line was “Happy to help you.” This sentence used to be written everywhere. On website, brochures, billboards and stationary. But that was long time ago. It is neither used anymore not practiced by its staff. It appears Vodafone itself or its staff is tired of customers. While telecom companies in India are reeling under tremendous financial pressures to retain customers, it appears Vodafone is overwhelmed with its customers. I am a subscriber to Vodafone for about 14 years. At that time it was called “Hutch-Essar.” Because of discriminatory practice adopted against the post paid (those who pay as per bill) customers, after taking one year to decide, I decided to switch to pre-paid services. As adviced by customer care, I paid a visit to Vodafone Service Center at Karol Bagh, New Delhi. See the picture below. There were more staff members then customers.

Vodafone staff biting nails

Vodafone staff biting nails (Faces are intentionally blurred)

To protect the privacy, I have smooched their faces. Now there were 7 counters. Two are depicted in above picture. One person is enjoying his laptop while actually biting his nails. Continue reading