Thinking in Nine Dimensions

A 3D projection of an tesseract performing an ...

A 3D projection of an tesseract performing an isoclinic rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is an admitted position in Science that thought has energy. But that is a different matter. Thought also has dimensions. When we think, what is the dimension of our thinking? It varies between single dimension to three dimensions. Many people can think beyond three dimensions. Actually there is no upper limit but it is complex. An astute chess player’s thinking may exceed this ninth dimensional limit in respect of chess moves.

Ninth Dimension

This term ‘Ninth Dimensional Thinking’ was used in some science fiction/space TV Serial in which a riddle created in Nine Dimension was to be solved. So what is ninth dimensional thinking? An example would be better beginning:
We want to have pizza. We know the shop. We go there and buy one without thinking anything else. This is Single Dimensional Thinking.
Now if before going to buy the pizza we also consider the possibility that we may not get pizza, for any reason, like shop is closed; and we decide that second option would be Hot Dog, from the vendor next door. This is the second dimension or Two Dimensional Thinking.

What is Nine Dimensional Thinking.

Now it is going to be complex. To dissect thinking in Nine Dimensions is a really complex matter. What are the other possibilities. The ripple effect of the movement between our place to pizza shop. The effect of absence from our place. The effect of our presence at Pizza Shop. These are added dimensions to the initial first dimensional thought of buying Pizza.

Practical use of above analysis

The above analysis is not a mere idiosyncrasy of mind. There are reasons to initiate thought and to bestow energy to above subject. How often we tell others:

Can’t you foresee even this much? or
You should have known at least this much!

The above expressions or similar exclamations are meaning less if the person to whom those are directed has no practice to use mind beyond one or two dimensions.

Solution to the problem.

None. There is no solution except to be patient and before telling a person, with limited dimensional thinking, to do something we have to think for future eventualities as well. Being in regular contact is better. A reminder to do certain things, everyday, even if rude may serve the person. Above all Be Patient. The endowment of matter is equal but some just do not develop acquaintance with the hardware (i.e. body) and software (i.e. mind), as others do.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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