The quest for truth and enlightenment.

The truth about everything!

white-flower-20130402x640At certain stage of life or due to certain problems in life, like sour relationships, death, illness, poverty, loss of child or near one or an abysmal feeling of being mortal that too for a short period of time; brings us to a question as to what is the truth of life or in life. Of course those who do not travel beyond two dimensions in their thought, ponder for a lesser period of time and get back to their routine. Others also get back to routine sooner or later but the thought hounds: Have we missed something in life? Were we supposed to perform better? Worse is this thought: Is there God? Did we do something wrong or sinned? or Why this happened to me? Why do I have to be ill? Why should I die? Why can’t I live forever? When such thoughts become persistent it affects the equilibrium of mind. Different reactions take place in different people.

A very large population throng, Temples, Churches, the Ashram of Gurus and such places and get emotionally and monetarily exploited,. These would be in addition to those who visit such places for fear to avoid misfortune or to seek fulfillment of desires or to seek pardon for their sins.

What truth?

Why are we searching for truth? Why enlightenment? Is it a “Life-2.0” i.e. improvement over existing self? Why we think that there is something esoteric beyond what we know? Do we really want to know the truth? Or we want to secure ourselves from possible ambiguities and uncertainties of future? Or the possession of knowledge of ‘truth’ is just another possession or achievement in life?
It appears to me that the true answer of above questions is key to the understanding of ‘truth’. Without finding a truthful answer to above questions, every effort for truth or enlightenment shall be a movement within the loop of despair which was the cause of the need for such an effort, in the first place.

12 thoughts on “The quest for truth and enlightenment.

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  2. Very astute, once again. But your conclusion suggests that those of us who “hunger and thirst after righteousness” (for example) are merely trapped in a “loop” of despair which inevitably has a neurological component, if not origin. AND, that well might be the case! And, I often think of those Old Testament prophets and patriarchs, roaming the desert and hillsides…so often wanting to “smite” someone…and wonder what a good dose of prozac would have done for ’em! And, I do not have the answer. But I know I have this “bug” and though despair beckons at times it has not consumed me. Yet! You raised a hell of a point and I hope we get some feedback from some others on the matter.


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