Vodafone & BlackBerry

While I am struck with one hand only (left is injured and in a cast), vodafone has come up with this weird sense of humor. It has activated Blackberry Connect services on my phone. They sent a text message in the middle of night and activated it in afternoon. I am told that it is a free offer for 3-4 months.
I am using this BlackBerry 9220 for last 20 days without BIS or BlackBerry Connect and now these people are trying to tempt.
Until now contacts and Calendar were sync with google. Push mail by hudeemail and imap by logicmail. Text messaging is not my frequent activity, so BBM is useless. After having found all these third party solutions, the offer for BlackBerry Connect was superfluous. But this forced activation has created a new problem. Overnight my contacts have been multiplied by seven. Yesterday night the multiplication was three times. Calendar entries are doubled.
Vodafone helpline tells me to visit BB showroom and I could only chuckle. This is how these corporate thugs work.
In the era of door delivery they do not have helpline no of BB inspite the fact that BlackBerry intends to charge some amount every month through its BlackBerry Connect services. They do have a helpline no 55666 for corporate clients not for individuals. This helpline did admit they can tell about problems in device sync but they have no data of individuals.
BlackBerry people really need to connect to reality. In this time of recession if a car dealer is called up he will door deliver the car any time you want. Same goes for servicing. Free pickup for free service as well. One brand of car is being sold with free maintenance (including denting painting) for three years. But BlackBerry is still living in euphoria of its lost monopolistic kingdom. Its sails are down and water is filling it its ship but it can not see the hole or the sails.
It should either give up individual customers or treat them with respect. If you failed to do this consumers will speak and that would conclude your fate.

(c) Sandeep Bhalla

Typing errors in this post may be attributed to BlackBerry.

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