Philosophy of philosophy!

What is philosophy?

An abstract principle drawn from series of acts!
The language of the principle is that of philosopher. He may have his own meaning to chosen words. He may have those meaning in mind which may be related to his life but totally unrelated to us. Why read philosophy? If read, why claim to understand it from words without experiencing it. We do not experiment with fire or chemicals without safety, why start to apply philosophy without caution. Philosophy could be anything from religion to humanity. From compassion to enlightenment. But that is not relevant. How easily we accept things on the basis of our logic or reasoning. In other words a philosophy which supports our way of thinking is acceptable and the one which challenges our belief or reasoning, is unacceptable or worse blasphemy. Continue reading

Mythological Eras: Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug

Hindu Mythological Eras: An analysis.

Hindu mythology and also the astrology divides the time period of the World, before it destroys itself (i.e. pralay), in four eras called YUG. The first is Satyug or Era of truth. The second is called Tretayug or the Era of Third. The next, third is called Dwaparyug or Era of Second. The last, fourth is Kalyug or also called Kaliyug. Thereafter it is the time for pralay which means the world shall destroy itself or it would be end of world. By some accounts, minor but huge destruction takes place at the end of each era as well. Since I intend to draw unconventional wisdom from this mythology, hence a little introduction to each era.


This was era of truth. A commitment was to be honored with life. One could forego life but not commitment. The hero of this mythological era was King Harish Chandra. He once offered to give a hermit, whatever that hermit wanted. The hermit in turn asked his kingdom. Bound by his word of commitment, the King abandoned his Kingdom alongwith his wife and minor son. As common men they suffered all kinds of atrocities including slavery. The worst happens when Continue reading