The true meditation is awareness of inner voices, the noise and turmoil within!

Internal monologue:

Myth about inner voice and vain search of mirage!

We are in constant monologue with ourselves. As if we are preparing a speech or dialogue or worse, rehearsing a role in a hypothetical situation, a position also called as day dreaming. This movement of thought, in express words, changes at night when a part or all of the words takes shape of pictures, characters or colors. Some time we are conscious of this process but more often we are not. Complete consciousness of this process alongwith complete awareness of our physical presence is true meditation.


What is not Meditation?

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Unfortunately, unscrupulous dream merchants have made a business out of meditation. It is packaged as every expected dream and sold. It is sold as ‘Prayer’. It is sold as ‘Consciousness’. It is sold as ‘Spirituality’. It is sold as ‘Self-development’. It is also sold as medicine for peace.
Meditation is an incident waiting to happen. To everyone. It is not something to be done or a pursuit to be followed. Though some initial steps look like action but actually it is cessation of action. Meditation is not an achievement but is a method to forgo achievement. The meditation is not a method to meet ‘a personal God’ or to some supreme power but is kick starting the process of self-realization or understanding the truth beyond this Illusory Reality called Maya or better understood as internal monologue.

First and last steps of Meditation and myth created by its pseudo Gurus!

There are hundreds of “meditation techniques”. But the truth is that technique is not  Meditation. True Meditation is the end result in which a person is fully aware of contents of his mind and is fully conscious of the self which includes memories/thoughts at any given moment, sensations and personal body.

The meditation techniques can be classified in three categories:
1. Primary; 2. Secondary and 3. Emancipatory.

Primary techniques enable us realize that there is a physical body on which we can focus our consciousness. It also enable us to be conscious of the difference between the body and mind as we are psychosomatic. These techniques are also used for healing bodily pain and are known by various names in the East.
Secondary techniques focus on the mind and enable us to see that we are not the momentary thought in the mind which governs our body and actions at any given time.
Emancipatory techniques goes beyond mind and body. This is the most abused part of meditation and beyond a certain point unnecessary. At this point the often the mind takes over and a person starts wandering albeit at a different plane of thought.
Exact individual technique is beyond the scope of this post.

Inner Voice

So what is inner voice? From adolescence to adulthood and right upto old age, we keep talking about inner voice. We want to know inner voice and intend to follow it. Is it possible? Inner voice is nothing but the thought at any given moment. Thought exists in pairs. To do something or not to do or vice versa. More options create more noise of thought. How can anybody clearly listen to so called inner voice? Because there is no such thing. Inner Voice is a beautiful name for inner turmoil of thought.  Those looking to act on inner voice are bound to be betrayed. For it changes far too frequently, without our knowledge of change.
How to decide action? How to decide career? How to live life? Ordinarily the answer to these questions is given in one word i.e. “surrender” but to understand the meaning is very difficult. Not without transgressing the mind or at-least traversing the turbulent ocean in it. The decisions are to be made on enquiry of facts not imaginary distant future. If I know as a fact that I can write than I should write without bothering where it may take me, in future. Because future is imaginary. Let me try another one:
” Stay with the body. Nourish it and care for it. Ignore the mind.”
Of course this is more complicated. It can not be otherwise because memories or past experiences are part of thought which hinder investigation of facts.

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At the center of our being is a point of nothingness which is untouched by sin and illusion, a point of pure truth, a point or spark which belongs entirely to God.

10 thoughts on “The true meditation is awareness of inner voices, the noise and turmoil within!

  1. This was very good and very timely for me. I’m trying to learn to meditate but it is difficult, my “monkey mind” is tenacious. One relevant line from Shakespeare has always grabbed me, “My mind flies up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” (King Claudius, in Hamlet) With “words and thoughts” united he had reference to a meditative state.


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