Forgiveness to Whom and Why?

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There is a saying ‘to err is human and forgiveness is divine.’ Forgiveness is taken to be such a simple process that we assume that we can forgive people even if we can not forget them or the deeds. Question is what is forgiveness? Do we really forgive? How many times do we forgive ourselves?
The last one is the most important but is also the most unpopular or most ignored question of all the questions. Another question (for the Christian Belief) is that if we do not have to judge others why forgive? The forgiveness is not possible without guilty verdict. But that is not for me to ponder. Forgiveness is stressed in every religion/culture/region.
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The true meditation is awareness of inner voices, the noise and turmoil within!

Internal monologue:

Myth about inner voice and vain search of mirage!

We are in constant monologue with ourselves. As if we are preparing a speech or dialogue or worse, rehearsing a role in a hypothetical situation, a position also called as day dreaming. This movement of thought, in express words, changes at night when a part or all of the words takes shape of pictures, characters or colors. Some time we are conscious of this process but more often we are not. Complete consciousness of this process alongwith complete awareness of our physical presence is true meditation.


What is not Meditation?

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Unfortunately, unscrupulous dream merchants have made a business out of meditation. It is packaged as every expected dream and sold. It is sold as ‘Prayer’. It is sold as ‘Consciousness’. It is sold as ‘Spirituality’. It is sold as ‘Self-development’. It is also sold as medicine for peace.
Meditation is an incident waiting to happen. To everyone. It is not something to be done or a pursuit to be followed. Though some initial steps look like action but actually it is cessation of action. Meditation is not an achievement but is a method to forgo achievement. The meditation is not a method to meet ‘a personal God’ or to some supreme power but is kick starting the process of self-realization or understanding the truth beyond this Illusory Reality called Maya or better understood as internal monologue. Continue reading

Religion, Organized Religion, Spirituality, Superconciousness, Karma and myths!

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What is Religion?

Nothing in this world is static. Everything is changing, every moment. So are we. I am not the same person as I was ten years ago or ten days ago or yesterday. Like seasons or fashions things change while resembling similar but never exactly remain same. Similarly our language is also changing. Within the same language the meaning of the words change. What was the meaning of ‘sexy’ in 1912, is not the same meaning in 2012. What was the meaning of ‘stink’ in 1812, is not the same as in 2012.
Similarly the meaning of the words like religion & Karma  etc. have also undergone a change.

Religion, Organized Religion, spirituality, Superconsciousness, Karma and myths!

What is Religion?

Religion is something more than mere scruples or ethics. There is one core principle of ethics: ‘Do no such thing to others as we do not want others to do to us.’ All known scruples, morals and ethics are derivatives of this principle. Ethics governs our dealings with others. But religion is something more than that. It governs how we live, think, act or even die.
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We miss you Krishna, even more, on your birthday

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A letter to Lord Krishna:

Madhav (knowledge filled lord), you are known by so many names that speech of every living being calls you at least once everyday. While you Achala (still lord) remain Achyuta (unmoved) by prayers made to Adbhutah (amazing lord) in the temples of Adidev (lord of lords).
Aditya, (son of aditi) the message you Ajaya (conqurer of life and death) gave through Arjun has been printed so many times, that entire earth can be physically enveloped by its printed paper. But our Amrut (Lord who is like sweet nectar) we got it all wrong. We picked up different paragraphs of  ‘whole message’ and interpreted it to justify our stupid actions.
Ajanma (limitless and endless) while you Anandsagar (Compassionate Lord) left your body and withdrew, we continue to separate each other and now we want to save individual souls, thus separating ourselves from Anaadih (The beginning).
Akshara (indestructible lord) your message about our indestructibility is wholly misunderstood and we remain disassociated with Ananta (endless lord) inspite of crystal clear teachings of Avyukta (crystal clear).
Anantjit (ever victorious) after our Anaya (who need no leader) i.e. you Aniruddha (beyond obstruction) left us, we have gone back to our ways of wars and self-destruction.
Bali (lord of strength) now we are at war in your names and for Balgopal’s temples. We build more and more of Chaturbhuj‘s temples praying for Danavendra, Dayalu and Dayanidhi‘s mercy but we fail to act compassionately among ourselves. Dharmadhyaksha (lord of Dharma), in your name justice is sold to highest bidder while poor and weak are tormented to circle around the courts for life.
While you were Jagdisha (protector of all) we are divided in the name of nations, provinces, castes and races and without Hrishikesh (lord of senses) have lost all our control over our senses.
Gopal, without your Gopalpriya we have Mad Cow disease swine flu and what not. Govinda the earth is in danger. Hari (lord of nature) we have exploited your world to an extent that we are unable to replenish it. Food is turning into poison.
Pollution is the today’s Kans which only Kamsantak (Slayer of Kans) can slay.
Jagadguru (preceptor of the Universe), Jagannath (lord of Universe) we really need your Janardhana (boon) in this dark hour when leaderships of all are failing.
Gyaneshwar (lord of knowledge) give us wisdom to pass through difficult time for you forbade Brahmastra (nuclear weapons) but we have re-built it. All the knowledge stored in digits is not enough to change our path away from self-destruction. Drought, flood, tornado etc. are still beyond our comprehension while we are busy to understand the devastation of Mars which once was full of life.
Upendra (Brother of Indra the lord of Rain) please do something.
Greed is the only Madhu (Sweetness) left, please Madhusudan (Slayer of Madhu named demon), kill it from us. For once again Madan (lord of love) may teach us to co-exist without. Murli (flute playing lord) please play that flute due to which you are called Murlidhar, on which we may remember ourselves but may forget the ‘me’.
Keshava (one with long black hairs with locks), in your name we are shaving our heads and wearing saffron, while you Nandgopala (son of Nand) is called Mayur for wearing peacock feather crest.
How can you deny our request after all you are Narayana (refuge of everyone). Your Niranjan (unblemished) and Nirgun (beyond tangible properties) presence can only make things right.

Would Padmanabha (lotus navel) place his Punyah (Pure) Padmahasta (lotus hand) upon us at this dark hour?
Would Parthsarthi (Charioteer of Parth/Arjun) be once again sarthi (charioteer) of the world?
Would Sanatana (Eternal) Sakshi (witness) Sarvajana (Omniscient) Sarvapalak (Protector of all) Sarveshwar (lord of all lords) reveal to ourselves for the Satyavachna (truth) was never more eluded?

We are reciting Hare Rama Hare Krishna for 600 years and it does calm the mind and at times we feel satisfied with this accomplishment but some of the verses of Sumedha (Intelligent lord) spoken to Parth (Arjun) are lost.

Vasudev (all prevailing lord), how can you ignore the Vishwamurti (form of entire universe) and let us spoil Vishwarupa (universal form of lord) by our misdeeds.
Vaikunthanath (lord of heaven), reveal your Sudarshana (pleasant-looking avatar) and lead us for once entry to your temple for the darshan of Srikanta (beautiful lord), is a matter of struggle unless in position to favour, through VIP corridors.

O Shreshta (Most Glorious lord) Yoginampati (Supreme yogi), who never abstained from any worldly pleasures (sans poisons), why in your name saffron clothes are foisted upon those who follow Vishwadakshinah (Most efficient and skillful lord).

O Trivikrama (conqueror of all three worlds) what is this Leela?

O Ravilochna (lord with sun as eye) have you closed your eyes to us?

Reply from Vardhmaanah (formless lord):

I am revealed when seen. I am and always will be. I never came nor ever left. I am the seer and I am the scene. Words spoken or written have no meaning without content. More a word is spoken, more its meaning is lost. Words are depleting assets. Activity on visions of mind without need of body, will always cause pain with the option that pain may follow the pleasure or it may come first followed by pleasure.

The reply is very precise and seems to be incomplete, which is impossible. I do not fully understand the implications but may be some day I will understand. May be sometime in future.

Note: All the names in italics are Sanskrit/Hindi names of Lord Shri Krishna, the Devkinandan (son of Devki), Dwarkadheesh (King of Dwarka) and the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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Radha Swami Satsang Beas Expose: Business Dealings

A shameful tale of exploitation.

If Guru needs to accumulate wealth, to secure him or his family in this world, how he can guarantee security to other people in the next world? Faith in money and faith in God do not go together. While they inspire others to part their money for sewa (service for the cause) their personal conduct is different.  A usual religious hypocrisy.

Radhasoami teachings:

One who is intoxicated with his worldly status, his family, his wealth or its instruments, in the same way as one gets intoxicated with alcohol or narotics , cannot do bhajan. And when he says that he has no spare time for bhajan, this is all a fraud of the mind.

More on parting money service (sewa):

Service to the Master is measured on the scale of love,
not in wordly terms.

Once a satsangi lady told Maharaj Ji that as she had no income of her own, she always asked her husband to give her some money for offering in seva. “Will this sewa be of any benefit to me? Does it have any value?”

Maharaj Ji replied, “Yes if both of you are happy in giving this seva”. Maharaj Ji further explained this by giving an example of a satsangi with one leg who used to come during the bhandaras. “He used to come from the hills of Himachal, and was very poor. Just to save money to give in seva, he used to walk from his village in the hills to Dera, with the help of his crutches, covering a distance of over 75 miles.

“Once he was brought to me during ‘money seva’ by Mr Bolokani. He offered one rupee in seva.
“How can you value this seva? Is it not worth much more than the hundreds and thousands that the rich give?
“The value of seva is not in how much one offers, but in the feelings and love with which it is offered.”

The above passages taken from the web site claiming Radha Soami Satsang info, are linked to their respective page. Now if Guru himself is clinging to money or he can not decide where to stop accumulating, can he ask others to part with their money? Did Guru Nanak built an empire of Religion? Did Dadu Sahib, Paltu Sahib, Kabir Sahib or all those people who are relied in Satsangs, accumulate wealth? They were Masters. These are dream merchants.  Read more on personal conduct:

Radha Swami Satsang Beas Expose: Business Dealings.

Sebi nod to Gurinder Singh Dhillon for consolidating Rs.1163/-  Crores

Money is garbage. We just acquire it personally.

Now forget about above. Where are the accounts of Sewa? Who maintains it and who audits it? Where are these  displayed? No link to it available on Internet. It is public money but appropriated by a private society which is not a public trust! Why public has no right to know?

I have no answer. If somebody has any answer, please let me know.

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