Google search engine needs overhauling: A review

Mobile search handicap:

Google search engine is often disappointing. For example, while searching for a video converter it started with a four years old page. Now on Desktop we have search tools and we can modify the time period within which search is to be made, it is not possible on mobile view. For many things this difficulty makes searching from mobile, a complete waste of time. It has a specific mobile search called “Black Google” (or blackle dot com) but that is no different from other search, in terms of quality even though it claims to be a battery saving search.

Predicting context search on the basis of search history:

While Google claims that by keeping track of history it can predict the context of searches. In my experience it is often misled or confused in predicting something over a short period of time. For example, if for one month we keep on searching about sports and suddenly on one day start searching for music, it will not be able to know the change. It takes several days to see the change of gear in one’s search pattern. At such times change in search engine is the only option. Duck duck go is a better option as it does not store history.

Google Advance Search:

Google advance search can be accessed simply by typing “google dot xxx / advance search” (remove spaces, replace dot with actual dot and replace xxx with initials of the country like ca for Canada) While advance search certainly gives better options but the level of reading is often meaningless. Trying many times over, I could not understand the purpose or the basis on which reading levels are decided.

Future: Skynet is very far:

‘SKYNET’ in the movie ‘Terminator’, was a network of computers which became self conscious and started to eliminate humans. Hence the Hero, the leader of the resistance against Skynet sends people/robots back in time to protect himself and characters in the movie pass time by trying to eliminate the origin of SkyNet.
If ever there would be any similarity of SkyNet with real life it would be Google Search. It knows too much and uses its data to its own commercial advantage. Unfortunate part is that the quality of search has started to give diminishing returns. Further it has not taken steps to update/upgrade its mobile search, even though it is an interested player due to its Android OS for mobiles. May be it will wake up some time soon!

© Sandeep Bhalla

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