Sushant Singh Rajput investigation hits drug Dalda.

Mumbai and crime connection.

Mumbai is not just home of Hindi Cinema but also crime especially the high end drugs. While it makes movies like “Flying Punjab” to show drug problem in Punjab but it simply ignores the massive drug problems in Mumbai’s high society which involve high end drugs like cocaine and MDMA etc.

The connection of Politicians, drug mafia and Islamist operating from Pakistan was discovered by Vohra Committee appointed in the aftermath of 1993 Mumbai Bomb blasts. More can be read about this nexus in my book on Corruption in India here.

Sushant’s family lawyer had already questioned the autopsy report and had claimed that it is “pretty disturbing that the report says nothing was found in the stomach.” The cover-up by police and doctors is so obvious. But who managed all this?

Let’s call the kingpin of this Mafia as DALDA.

After all Mumbai Police and Doctors, about six officers have gambled their careers on this case with the risk of being nailed as co-accused for destroying evidence. This can not happen unless DALDA is involved because he is so high up that he can influence the Central Government as well. In fact it is surprising he let this matter go so far.

CBI investigation discovers drug angle:

After Rhea Chakraborty’s WhatsApp chat with a drug dealer surfaced on the internet, a new angle is being investigated in the matter. The CBI by releasing this information well in advance have clear warning to DALDA to make his move but so far he is silent and without any response. In fact the ruling party Shiv Sena has also stopped commenting on the matter.

Narcotics Control Bureau enters.

On Tuesday, Enforcement Directorate (ED) wrote to Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to check the drug syndicate connection. NCB has acted with alarcity and taken up the investigation. Remember that Rakesh Asthana, the former director of CBI is now the Director of NCB.

NCB will arrive Mumbai at 4.30 pm today.

NCB chief Rakesh Asthana said, “We have filed a case on the basis of the letter from the ED.” Thus the case is registered under the NDPS Act and the agency will arrive Mumbai today itself to conduct an inquiry and question people concerned. Now the NCB will probe Rhea’s relationship with the drug dealers on the basis of the call details of Rhea, Sushant and Shovik. The NCB team will also interrogate the drug dealers recently caught in Mumbai and Pune. The last part gives the clue that the discovery of Rhea’s link with drugs is not a big surprise for investigators.

Who is Dalda?

The king pin of drug mafia is recently depicted in a political fiction called “who painted my money white” by founder of as Dalda. He is a very influential person. Will Any investigation be able to pin DALDA personally, is doubtful but if his network is destroyed it will take away the power DALDA wields on political map of India. In any case the influence on Mumbai will be First casualty.

Former Chief Minister of Mumbai Devendra Fadnavis has been strategically parked in Bihar as election Incharge by BJP is not a coincidence and will reveal itself as investigation develops and election in Bihar gear up to conclusion.

Recent fianacial decision, making Reserve Bank an oversight of Cooperative Banks in India is also linked to limit DALDA’s ability to recycle huge cash generated in drug trade. But as the conversation in Rhea’s investigation reveals, many dealers have taken ostensible businesses and are accepting digital payments as well. The rumour is that the 15 crore missing money is with DALDA and he is pulling the strings of Rhea to keep the mouth shut and in return she will get that money as reward. But we do not know for sure about rumours.

It is also not out of place to mention the facts told by NSA Ajit Dhoval that he was about to arrest Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai but he was prevented by Mumbai Police. Who pulled the plug? Was he DALDA?

It is however clear that Central Government has thrown in its three best agencies in this mess and this can not be just for a murder mystery, no matter how big star that person may be. This will soon pan out to cover many big wigs of Mumbai.

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