Rhea Chakraborty sends the message to cadres.

The drugs angle may have appeared yesterday in the investigation into murder of Sushant Singh Rajput but the matter was proceeding on these lines for a week. Many couriers aka dealers were picked up from Thane, Pune and Mumbai in the week earlier and I had pointed it out yesterday hinting that now it is a fight of Center and DALDA.

Rhea appears on Television:

Rhea Chakraborty

Yesterday when Rhea appeared on television in a convenient arrangement with an interviewer who hangs his loyality on his sleeves, it had a purpose. The purpose was to send message to the cadres of DALDA.

The media trial has a reason:

The media trial started when a Minister stated on television and informed that it is a case of suicide. Later the ruling party Shiv Sena called it suicide in its website. It continued when Police leaked photoshopped pictures of dead body of Sushant Singh Rajput.

When ED/CBI came into picture it used the same stretegy to send shivers down the spine of cadres of DALDA by releasing a whatsapp chat that took place in 2017.

Now this was almost a revelation that every person who was involved in Drug trade in Maharashtra is vulnerable and under the watch. The object was to enlist somebody who was willing to become an approver. Now it was the turn of the DALDA.

Rhea Chakraborty appeared in an interview at the risk of demolishing her defence in the criminal cases and she did kill her own defence by talking on the time line of crime exposing herself. Everybody claimed that interview was cheapshot at seeking public sympathy. It was not. It was nothing of the kind.

The key is the anchor who is a known sympathiser of certain type of people. He is some kind of a trumpet to send messages. In 1993 he wrote an article praising Dawood Ibrahim, accused for bombing Mumbai. It raised so much uproar that he had to write another article to explain it. Read here about it.

What is the message:

Tell me how will you convey a message through a television interview?

The message is always doing something in future. The past is done and has no message. What did our favourite young lady had to say about future:

“I will fight It…….. I will commit suicide………. Make me and my family stand in a que and shoot us…”

She repeated the above message twice in the entire interview, so far I had watched. May be she repeated It many times more. Anchor remained calm and unmoved.

She has another motive that is to get arrested and end this circus. It is better to be arrested by CBI than by NCB and let NCB question her in prison. But that has not happened so far.

This is the same tried but failed tactic applied by a former Minister who was arrested in graft charges and kept in Tihar Prison for over 100 days.

The real question is: Is she really that big a fly in the can of DALDA?

I do not have answer but it looks very likely from her attempt to show Sushant Singh Rajput a complete junkie. If more evidence is dug up, she can say that she was a user and proxy acting for Sushant who was the kingpin. End of story.

She can claim clemency from state government, later. Look at her firm replies and confidence. She did not hesitate, even once to answer anything. Now even when she said she will not share more details. Though I wonder if the interview was thoughly edited. But that CBI or NCB can find out by calling original print oops copy.

Things have just started. Do not conclude anything as yet. The match is just warming up. The old fox DALDA has seen many such attempts in past five decades but he knows If and when and whom to throw under the bus to detract. Poor or not so poor, the girl has no idea about the ditch she has fallen into.

Please share your views.

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