India is hardening it’s stance against China on border issue

China has built up its presence along the LAC in Ladakh, with India deploying heavily to match its northern neighbour.

A bloody skirmish between the two sides resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese casualties on June 15, but while Beijing has repeatedly spoken of peace and tranquility, it continues to maintain its presence in the region.

Indian Armed Forces are ready:

Transgressions along the LAC occur due to differing perceptions about its alignment. Defence services are tasked to monitor and carry out surveillance and prevent such transgressions turning into intrusions. Whole of government approach is adopted to peacefully resolve any such activity and prevent intrusions. Defence services always remain prepared for military actions should all efforts to restore status quo along the LAC do not succeed,” General Rawat was quoted in newspaper.

China must move back:

“Defence minister Rajnath Singh, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and all those responsible for national security are reviewing all options with the objective that PLA restores status quo ante in Ladakh,” he said.

The Chinese mouthpiece, Global Times has decided not to retort as it was doing earlier and it’s lead story is this:

The various economic measures against China seems to be doing the trick. A few days back India cancelled a Global Contract for purchasing new trains and has decided to issue fresh tenders. This has cancelled the prospect of participation of Chinese company which had participated, earlier.

The economic screw is tightening against China every day. Yet Chief of Defence Staff General Rawat gives the statement quoted above seems to suggest that Government of India is serious in insisting the China to go back to its original position.

But the real question is, haw far the India will go to exercise military option? And When? The climate in the disputed area is fast becoming inhospitable. Is India trying to test preparedness of China during winters?

That is a question we can only wait and watch but before that happens, there will be more economic screws to tighten up.

Meanwhile USA has deployed it’s stealth bombers on Dio Garcia island in Indian Ocean and conveyed to India that these shall be launched without hesitation if and when India so desires.

How far away we are from war? Any guesses?

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