Holi: A festival of catharsis!

Happy Holi

Today is Holi. A festival of colour. An event of mass catharsis. An overwhelming relaxation of mind and body. A war fought with dry and wet colors, water, water balloons, spray guns and not the least with mugs and buckets.
The best two greeting messages, are from Gagan and Vikrant with beautiful pictures:

The festival has begun. As usual I had successfully sneaked out into the nearby garden and sneaked back into house unconquered. But New Delhi is more civilized. It is not possible in many other cities. Few photographs of my brief sojourn to the war zones are here on my photo weblog.
The beauty of this festival is, how every one forgets all the problems and is lifted with the joy and energy of the collective. Of course later in the day, booze will also help which will roll today like water.
Happy Holi. May colors of Holi splash upon everyone making life so vibrant and we may not have to find new excuses, everyday to live.
Happy Living. Happy holi.

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