Flowering of life!

Red Rose

Lovely Red Rose

The beauty of life:

The Lilies and Roses are blooming now. Dahlias are at the end of cycle of springs, which started with Marigold. Rose plant and Lilies had me worried. During winters, these plants went in hibernation type recluse. I was wondering. We did have few other winter casualties like dried expiry of oldest holy basil plant. However Lilies are blooming again.
The flower and plants are real Guru, rest are all fraud. If only we learn to lay dormant without action like Lilies and Roses, we can save ourselves from a lot of trouble.
We falsely interpret scriptures to justify actions when none is required.
Flowers bloom without any fear of withering or of afterlife. Three children of Holy Basil survived without even crying for the mother Basil who could pass away unencumbered. It is not that plants do not feel or respond. They heal with affectionate touch and recluse into pondering if left alone. Plants rooted to ground get less lonely than those in pots.
It appears the plants do not need flowering of life. The come prepared with flowering as well as bloom. Completely prepared for doom. Be it winter or summer. Knowledge untrammelled and untarnished by intelligence. Pure Beauty. The beauty of life.

© Sandeep Bhalla

15 thoughts on “Flowering of life!

  1. Thoughtful post, Sandeep. Lessons from nature. I like the part about being dormant. Oh to be a flower, a plant, or a tree sometimes; free from the burdens that thoughts can bring. Even though being human comes with side-effects, I’m grateful to be in this skin. It affords the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of life in all its seasons.

    Lovely pictures.


  2. Yes, it was a “slovenly” comedy and worth watching only once. However, demonstrating our utter banality, my wife and I have watched it often and will watch it again sometime I’m sure. Actually, we share a delight in complete absurdity! Yes, those facial expressions were priceless and the nudity was unnecessary.


  3. “Skew Lew”! Hey, you’re a poet! I should rename my blog, “skewedlew”! Seriously, I don’t know but what I’ve offended you with my response and if so I’m sorry. I will admit that I have to be careful in “real time” also as from time to time I will “skew” things with Christian terminology and that can be rude. I do hope that if I have offended you, you will tell me so and I’ll be more careful next time. What I was trying to say was, your post this morning was beautiful and spoke powerfully to me. I had just awoken and had similar thoughts on my mind and was appreciative of seeing you were on a similar page as you neared the end of your day.


    • Offended? Are you really that drowsy in the morning. I was just kidding! Just the way you did! It takes a conduct of action to offend me not the words. Keep it up. After all you are the Pope. With a Hat!
      BTW I posted that in the morning. Now it is time for evening Tea.


      • Whew! I am so relieved. Seriously. I thought you were kidding just as I kid you from time to time. And now I’m very pleased! Seriously, I’m very relieved. For, we “cuss and discuss” very serious stuff and sometimes lines get crossed. Btw, I do like this “pope” business and I’m gonna get me a pope hat in due time. I just love absurdity. and on that note, I’m curious what you thought of Life of Brian?


      • Oh yes. It was hilarious but I would say that it is such a travesty (to ban it). Over all it was a sloven comedy. Of course certain facts have intellecual basis. Worth watching once. The scene in naked was really unnecessary. The best thing was the facial expressions of Brian or whosoever played it. Without those expressions, it would have been worthless.


  4. The Rose (pic above) was the first thing I noticed, in the morning and a smiling Flower is the best Gift for any day to begin with. While children grow up and become ‘individual’. Flowers remain undivided and innocent.
    I have never read about ‘Sermon of Mount.’ I do not even know an alphabet of Hebrew. I would delete this post but please do not crucify me. It is very painful. I would not even mention Lily and remove its pic from yesterday’s post. I promise. I will start wearing a cross around my neck, if that will suffice.


  5. Very fine! This was a good way to start my day. And, I tease somewhat, but you sound a bit like Jesus. Seriously, I do think Jesus had a similar perspective in mind when he praised the “lilies of the field” in his Sermon on the Mount. As you know, I have a penchant for swimming in the ether, but I increasingly value also the “mundane” beauty of the world. Thanks so much for these lovely thoughts.


    • You Skew Lew, you almost had me. I have read about Sermon on the Mount. He outlined ‘good work’ and read Old Testament in his own words. I am not advocating anything of the sort. All I said was ‘we should some time accept the hibernation type existence’. You are so clever to twist it just to have a live show of Crucifixion.


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