Happy Rainy Day

It is finally raining several times a day. Sometimes it makes traffic stuck and cause delays.

However the rain is welcome after smeltering heat. Cloudy weather is even more welcome as Sun becomes gruesome after rain and weather becomes souna bath causing profused sweating.

It appears the nature is enjoying too. Check this flower:

Rain may be a spoil sports in clod County but in India it is a poetry, especially this drizzling with occassional pause and small droplets in between.

Flowering of life!

Red Rose

Lovely Red Rose

The beauty of life:

The Lilies and Roses are blooming now. Dahlias are at the end of cycle of springs, which started with Marigold. Rose plant and Lilies had me worried. During winters, these plants went in hibernation type recluse. I was wondering. We did have few other winter casualties like dried expiry of oldest holy basil plant. However Lilies are blooming again.
The flower and plants are real Guru, rest are all fraud. If only we learn to lay dormant without action like Lilies and Roses, we can save ourselves from a lot of trouble. Continue reading