Searching for human on earth!

IMG_20130325_140120First contact with human race!

It is a different story as to how I landed on earth but the problem is that I was supposed to meet and relate to a race called ‘Humans’. I am here for a very long time looking for the species called ‘Humans’ but no success, so far.
Female specie: I met a female specie but could not discover if she was human. She insists on being female and does not event pretend to be human. She follows variety of religious practices which makes it difficult to know of her religion. Similarly there is no way to know if she is a human. After all no one could suspect me either and simply presume me as Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Christian/Jew only because I look like them. Nobody suspect that I am an alien.

Searching for Human:

From distance I notice people and reach out to them to find any human but when I meet them, I find no human. Nobody identifies himself as human. They identify as Traders, Businessmen, Lawyers, Accountants, Scientists, Judges, Ministers and Leaders etc. But no one identify as human.

Nationality and geographical divisions:

I asked a person who identified as leader and he told me that I was wrong. I must decide if I was looking for an Indian, Italian, English, American, African, Scottish, Irish, French, Dutch or something like that. I did not understand.
I asked a person who identified as Scientist, he also told me that I was wrong. According to him I shall have to choose among, Caucasoids, Australoids, Mongoloids and Negritos. Then he asked me as to from where I was. I told him that I was from India, in the foothill of Himalaya/Everest. He paused and told me “Look your region is complex, we are still studying the species over there.” Encouraged, I told him; “Look I am an Alien.” He smiled and retorted; “We will look into that aspect as well.”

My tragedy as human:

Every time I try to pose as human no one notices. They identify me as Indian (named after domicile) Punjabi (something to do with parents’ domicile) Lawyer (something to do with finding food) or Fool (something to do with my face or head) or the like. I could not deceive any body that I am a human even if they could not discover that I am an alien.
The problem is that my time is running out and I have to find and meet at least one human being. But it seems impossible. There are rich and poor. There are people who identify as Hindu, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews and variety of labels but no Human. It appears that there are no human beings left. The human race is extinguished and now many different races are left behind.
Are there any humans left on this planet? Or they are hiding from all these people? Will I know before I leave?
A  friend has suggested a you tube video of a poem for answer. See comment below.

10 thoughts on “Searching for human on earth!

  1. People do identify me as fool. I have said that already. You know me for such a long time and yet you could not see it. Everyone knows it, my friend. BTW God dead on not, can not come out. Read my previous post “OMG: Where is my God?”


      • Until about Jan 2012 my about page only mentioned ‘Who am I, does it matter.” Why I changed/redirected to Amazon because amazon wanted me to give every detail. However that is always the way it is. That was the whole point of humanity is to treat people as humans not as professionals, all the time.


      • Even more important is to be human. Being human, according to me is to remember the fragility of human life and fleeting nature of human mind. Being good or bad is not our calling to judge each other.
        Are there any school or institution producing good people?


    • Sorry Sushil. You got it wrong. Video is about oppression and exploitation of human beings. But there is a class of people, who are not under any direct exploitation. Question is how they identify themself.


  2. Sandeep, this is one of my favorite of our postings. It really speaks to me. I had a dream many years ago which was about the same thing. I will share it with you later today. Gotta work this morning. This was really rich. Thanks so very much for “unpacking your heart with words” and sharing it with your friends.


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