Who killed Sushant Singh Rajput?

How to conceal a murder?

Murder speaks for itself. There is nothing more vocal then a murder. Human body talks even after death. Liver tells time of death. Muscles tell time of death through rigor motis. Injury marks on body and bones also tell one or more stories. But there must be somebody to read that story.The question of nature of injury on the neck has been picked up by the media and is actively discussed on TV but why Mumbai Police is not doing anything about it?

The crime investigation in India is governed by a law which is more than hundred years old. In every other country a matter of death is subject to investigation by a coroner who is the specialist in forensic medicine and also specialist in human body and it’s possible cause of extinguishment. In India every death is subject to investigation by a magistrate who can seek help of a forensic expert though the magistrate himself has bare little knowledge of forensic medicine. Both systems have its own flaws and advantages but let us focus on Magisterial Inquiry.

In case of Sushant the Mumbai Police filed ADR or ‘Accidental Death Report”. The report is part of it’s daily journal of activities and a copy of it’s extract is sent to (Judicial) magistrate. The law and procedure is obsolete now it should be in a transparent computer data base but that has not happened. After getting the report the Judicial Magistrate is free to apply mind and direct the police to act in a certain manner. But unfortunately they ‘never’ apply mind. Reports just pile up and filed. The lethargy and insensitivity of system is so appalling that it can not be put in words.

Magisterial Inquiry

Every accidental death is subject of a Magisterial Inquiry. This is often done by an Executive Magistrate. It is different from the one whose office insensitively filing all reports in a a file as stated in previous paragraph. Where is the report of Magisterial Inquiry in the case of death of Sushant Singh Rajput?

Investigation without FIR:

Power of police to investigate is limited to those cases in which a cognizable case is made out. It is a technical term. But understand it in this way. An accidental death does not give power to police to Investigate. Yes police can not summon people, call witnesses or evidence in case of accidental death without an express authorization of Magistrate. It baffles a legal mind how police is calling people to police station without even registering an FIR?

Reputation and Competence of Mumbai Police:

Mumbai police is just like any other police force but it has best Public Relation Department in India or perhaps the world. If George Flayed murder that became Black Lives Matter protest in USA had happened in Mumbai, no agitation would have taken place. Tell me when any candle light march took place against any crime in Mumbai?

Mumbai Police has a tacit understanding with journalists. First rule is every journalist is free to write anything but s/he will not bad mouth police. Second rule is never name an accused or point finger of guilt on anybody. Please visit archives of any newspaper and tell me that I am wrong but do bring out the that journalist alive that broke this rule. Journos are free to blame gangsters, mafia, organised crime, smugglers or whatever but no names are permitted. Journos meticulously comply. Even if police runs a mock court or fake encounter, they look some where else. The professionalism of Mumbai police is known by it’s encounter killing not in forensic investigation. Those who credit Mumbai Police with investigation into terror related crimes, do not know the role of IB and other agencies in these matters.

First Information Report or FIR:

Police is enjoined (legally duty bound) to record every crime committed as it comes into it’s knowledge and any false reporting is punishable by imprisonment. (This is why scam like Rafale is alleged but no complaint is made to police) After a crime is recorded in the Register called “First Information Register”, the police has duty to investigate the crime. In case of Sushant Singh Rajput, no FIR has been recorded by Mumbai Police till date.

Who killed Sushant Singh Rajput?

In the first part of this series, I had pointed out that in every crime has three elements: 1. Motive; 2. Means and 3. Opportunity. Mumbai police is trying it’s best to point a finger at Rhea Chakravarti by making her a black widow with the oldest motive in the world that is money. But that seems to be deflection. She does not have wherewithal to carry out massive operation of killing Sushant, removing witnesses, erasing camera recordings and silencing every one in the neighbourhood. The last part is most vocal. Neighbours always speak. They often lie but they speak.

So far I have not even mentioned the death of Disha Salian, an associate of Sushant which throws in additional angle of motive and conspiracy.

Who was there on the night of murder?

CCTV camera is old school. Those who erased it were technologically dumb and therefore not career criminals. The blatant foolishness with which suicide is staged also lacks professionalism. The only professionalism which is visible is in the Mumbai Police which is carrying out the operation clean up professionally. Police is sitting on every possible evidence. It has canvassed the neighbourhood to silence the people, it is playing waiting game to destroy as much evidence as it can. Yet without any crime report (FIR) before it, it is playing to the gallery by summoning people. It makes me wonder if the people who are summoned without authority of law are also asked to contribute for any just cause?

The real trail is carried out by mobile phones and few more things. Do you remember the Tabliqi Markaz? or Balakot air strike? What is common in the two?

Every cell phone has a limitation that it needs a cell tower and every cell tower has details of every number that was in its proximity. Whenever proximity of people nearby cell tower is to be found out, the tower data is dumped with the police and a combing operation is carried out. In Delhi, the people who were struck in traffic jam near marqaz, received phone calls from Delhi Police to find out their link with marqaz in Nizammuddin Area.

Where is the data of Cell Tower?

The crime investigation is a specialized job which is done in most unprofessional manner by a police force which is still governed by law of 1860 and follow a procedure created more than 100 years back. There are meaningless talks of police reforms and directions of Supreme Court in this regard are lying somewhere in dust. What we actually need is professional investigation into crimes. Police work on different principle of snooping and snitching. It is effective in anti terror activity but fails miserably in crime investigation.

There must be a separate professional force in the country for crime investigation. This should have been done yesterday. The highly politicized police force is inherently mis-suited for the job of crime investigation.

In this case the question begging the answer is: Who is that politician who motivated the police to botch up a murder case and why Shiv Sena jumped in to defend this botched up operation of Mumbai Police?

Was it the politician who celebrates his birthday on June 13th? Who has six feet tall bouncers or body guards? Each body guard must weigh at least 100 kg as well?

If you have information about it, report it to CBI. Details are at this website. It may serve a larger cause if CBI may also find out the reasons due to which Mumbai Police officers surrendered their integrity so shamelessly, in this case.

My worst fear is that this may not have an end like that happened in the novel of Mario Puzo called “Sicilian”.

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