How media plays mind games?

Media stopped being journalism. A long time ago. Now it is a propaganda machine for hire. But it works in such a subtle way that you can’t easily discern as to how it is working. Look at this short politoon (political cartoon):

Notice the characters. The inspiration is from the 1970’s movies of Amitabh Bachchon. But look at the portrayal.

The dynastic Rahul Gandhi is shown as a tramp approaching “Mr Modi” who is shown as a big Lord like a zamindar.

In the background Priyanka is equated with Amit Shah. Priyanka in 2017 lost all the seats of MLAs in U.P. she convassed barring one seat. Amit Shah has not lost a single election in this manner. He may have lost from forming givernments in some states.

But to equate a near zero with most successful ever is the subtle message to the poor masses.

Would it inspire some credibility in favour of Rahul?

If war could be won by media, Congress would not have lost in 2014. If war could have won on social media, BJP would not have lost in five states.

Voter matters!!!

Remember India Today group was established in 1975 during emergency.

Please share your views.

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