Will Chief Justice blink ?

Congress Party has a different approach at managing the things. It would not be entirely incorrect to say that Congress Party in India is a deep state within the state of sovereign India. Browbeating or rewarding the judicial officers is part of the it’s formula to access or to remain in power.

Ranjan Gogoi the present Chief Justice of India committed a sacrilege last week when he issued notice to clown Prince in contempt petition file by BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi. It was alleged that Rahul Gandhi had publicly called that “supreme court has held that Chokidar is chor”. There is video proof of the fact hence there is no easy way out.

As a matter of fact the judgement referred did not deal with the subject at all. It deal with admissibility of documents produced before court. Read it here.

What was the expectations from Chief Justice?

When the lie is so apparent, how could a court ignore? The reasons lie in the past. High expectations are based on low performance of judiciary in the past. They crawled when asked to bend.

In past Justice MK Chwala as judge of Delhi High court had obliged by quashing Bofors kick back FIR. For quashing ten page FIR, he had to write 200 pages judgement. It was egregious over reach.

Around same time in 1993 Supreme Court of India started a collegium system, which appoints judges to the nation’s constitutional courts, has its genesis in, and continued basis resting on, three of its own judgments which are collectively known as the Three Judges Cases. Now hereafter the Govt of India has little or no say in appointment of judiciary. The fundamental basis is the principle of separation of judiciary from executive rested in article 50 of the Constitution.

Another legal fact about India is the foreign investment which has controlling interest is not allowed in media like news channel and news paper. To offset these, some web sites have come up by-passing the principle. The funding and sponsorship of these websites are under cloud. Do find out more about it before trusting a web site.

Allegations of sexual harassment:

On Friday scroll.in reported a detailed article about allegations levelled by a an ex staffer of supreme court that Chief Justice of India had inappropriately touched her on October 11, 2018. The corroborating evidence is her termination and termination of her husband and her brother in law from Police and Supreme Court respectively.

The termination far from being a corroboration, may well be a motive for allegations.

This is not the first time a judicial officer has been accused of such misbehavior, either. See this video

The Chief Justice has publically called that “independence of judiciary is under threat.” He did not specify from whom. The entire media is spinning useless byte without looking at the obvious. The notice on contempt petition.

Any how, the bigger question is will Chief Justice blink before such mafia blackmail?

As regards allegations, these could be true but the fact that it started with a dubious website and repeated on another dubious website makes it suspicious in my opinion. These websites have little credibility. The Chief Editor of one website was himself accused of similar allegations and nothing happened to him. That is the height of hypocrisy.

The question remains:

Will Chief Justice blink?

Added on 27 April 2019.

Here is a news clipping explaining the tenacles of “cash for judgements club”:

The Prince refuses to apologize:

In his revised affidavit filed on 29th april 2019, again is conspicuous of the absence of word apology. Read:


The Supreme Court on April 30, 2019 refused to entertain this affidavit. Counsel for Rahul have undertaken to file a proper affidavit on Monday.

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