How media plays mind games?

Media stopped being journalism. A long time ago. Now it is a propaganda machine for hire. But it works in such a subtle way that you can’t easily discern as to how it is working. Look at this short politoon (political cartoon):

Notice the characters. The inspiration is from the 1970’s movies of Amitabh Bachchon. But look at the portrayal.

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Relationship with sorrow.

Sorrow is our most intimate friend.

Any thing happens, we slide in the cold lap of sorrow. Everybody has reasons to be sad. However different, these reasons may be, yet how similar these reasons are. One such reason is disappointment. Our hopes, aspirations or expectations are crushed so often that often it seems to be the only source of disappointment.

Sorrow from impossibility.

Of course there is always a cause of impossibility like death of near or dear or illness. About death, I had a recent brush with it when my father died last year. I was sad as ‘I’ had lost a dear and trusted friend. I could talk to him almost anything. Regarding my advice to him, he always agreed with me but never followed. At a ripe age of 90 and with degenerating mind and body, should his death be a reason for sorrow? Continue reading