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Unscrupulous Hosting solution providers.

Sometime back I had written a review about, a web hosting provider at this link. Now after a long time (11 months) they have noticed it and have given this response:

Dear Sandeep,

This is regarding your blog on at “”,

We found your write-up is inappropriate about our server, bandwidth downtime or refund.

There are a few 3rd party websites which monitor and collect data. Which shows up the server speed, uptime etc. Most of them show a very good speed and 99.6% uptime for last 3 years, which is true about webland.

As your blog shows up on the first page of Google for search terms related to webland, it really hurts the buyers and we would have lost a big portion of revenue.

We run a very small-scale business and not greedy about money. Our employees are from weaker part of the community and run this show, just for their sake.

As you know, we sell domain + hosting for just 700/- per year, the margin we make out is very low.

We were not able to find “client history” for yours in our system, if it is a refund, we can do it immediately.

Please consider us and kindly remove the blog against us.

Thank you

S. Innocent”

Does it explains what happened? Does it assures better service? Any repentance or remorse?

Why would I look at third-party data when I have my own emails from jetpack telling when it went off-line? Why should I bother any data when in my experience I was not able to access the plesk backend for days? Why should I change much less take down what I have written out of own experience? Just because they say so.

This host and thereafter Godaddy, both killed the rating of this blog due to frequent bandwidth squeeze resulting in shut down. My guess is that contrary to what ever these economic providers say, they are good only for startup or development of self hosted website not for operational web sites for anything more than a few visits a day. A site with more than 5 visits per day should stay away from these providers.

Hosting providers world over has discovered that in every city in India there are as many fools as are there lamp posts. Hence they make such ludicrous offers to refund within 30/40 days of trial. After 30/40 days they squeeze the bandwidth and offer upgrade. Hosting ,for less than a dollar, a month, is a Ponzi scheme. Stay away.


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