Godaddy: Once dishonest always a dishonest!

Finally I got rid of

It appears that economical hosting which offered was a ploy to lure people and then offer upgrade. I pondered over the question for about a month that if I should take the upgrade? But my principle is once a dishonest, always dishonest.

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But why be dishonest?

It is interesting thing to call somebody dishonest. You have to have a proof. I have given the proof in previous post. has not responded to it. At all. In fact the stony silence on their part is that of a dishonest person who is caught red handed.

Big thief small theft:

A dangerous trend has emerged recently. Corporations, especially big multinational ones have learned two thing about India. 1) Law enforcement is pathetically slow and expensive; 2) with millions of consumer steal uneconomical or small amount.

Recently I have come across many instances of small theft. Like did. It offered hosting at dirt cheap Rs. 700/- per annum with refund in 45 days. But it actually meant that it would not refund after 45 days. So the first 45 days it works fine. After 45 days traffic falls to 1/3rd but site crashes several times a day. In fact when I can see that few resources are at use, from cPanel resource window, I am not able to log in through wordpress login. This is the cPanel resources screenshot:


So goodbye Go find someone else to cheat.

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