Webland.in is a disastrous hosting provider.

Review of webland.in (web hosting provider)

Webland.in is a web-hosting provider which is claiming to provide unlimited hosting at a very economical price of about Rs.60/- or USD 1/- per month. It appears that it is an India based reseller of Unlimited Hosting of UK even though it claims no affiliation of any kind. However the service provided by webland.in is very bad and unresponsive. Some of the problems which make it unviable host are as under:

Limited or poor server processing:

Every time I log into wordpress dashboard, it takes a very long time to do it. Thereafter I am struck there. It is impossible to create a new post because of the time it takes. Actually I could not create any new post and all the posts which appear there were created elsewhere (or at a mirror site with different host i.e. 2freehosting.com) and were imported into sandeepbhalla.com, as and when it was permitted by slow servers of webland.in.

Limited bandwidth:

The above problem of poor server speed could also be due to poor bandwidth. It is possible that too many hosting spaces have been sold out over a limited bandwidth thereby creating a bottleneck. But it really does not help. Site loads slowly or not at all.

Too much down time:

Everyday I receive one or many emails informing me of downtime of few minutes to quarter of an hour. A couple of times it was more than that also. All this has resulted in ranking and viewership of the web site very poorly. The 99.9% uptime guaranteed is way too good to be true. In real practice the sever is down every day from a few minutes to half an hour once or several times a day.

Usurious refund policy:

 While the website proudly proclaim 7 days refund policy, it does not mean what it says. It actually means that you are entitled to seek a refund only within first 7 days. If you failed to seek refund within first seven days, you are not entitled to any refund at all. It is nothing short of deceptive extortion.

Again, refund is not allowed even within 7 days if you choose free domain offered with hosting.

Though such a condition would not be legal in context of Indian law, but it surely shows the dishonest intention of webland.in to rob people of their money even if they are not able to provide the service. In any case it shall be onerous for everyone to go to court and seek refund of small amount of less than thousand.

No cPanel and incomplete plesk:

Hosting platform offered by webland.in is plesk based without the plugin for migration from cPanel. Therefore if you have backup from cPanel, it would be useless. In my case when I told them that I have no way to do the migration, they themself migrated it some how but it did not work the way it was expected. For example I can not upload pictures, as yet. Similar problem will arise when a person chooses to migrate to cPanel from plesk. So keep it in mind.

I have made up my mind and I am moving on. Enough is enough.

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5 thoughts on “Webland.in is a disastrous hosting provider.

  1. They got pathetic service. no reply from customer support. site will be veery slow . i have paid them for 3yrs and next yr they have asked for renewal and by mistake my team has renewed it. i have asked them to extend expiry they said it is extended. Now my domain is expired and released. i lost domain now because of they negligence and now they are not even replying to my email . Eaten my Money. Cheaters


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