A new internet Gmail phishing fraud?

Is contactme.com a phishing website?

Received this email from someone as “account01@gmail.com”.

Dear Subṣcriber,

1. Yọu requeṣted yọur Email Accọunt ọn August. 31, 2015 at 03:28 PM Cṣ tọ be deactivated and deleted frọm a lọcatiọn in with thiṣ IP number; 330.651.935

2. Click ọn ( http://www.contactme.com/50411e1130b0f40002014656/ ) tọ cancel thiṣ requeṣt; elṣe yọur e-mail accọunt will be deactivated and deleted within 24 họurṣ.

3. Dọ nọt ṣhare yọur paṣṣwọrd with anyọne fọr yọur ṣecurity purpọṣe.


Thank Yọu fọr Being A Lọyal G-MAIL Uṣer

We họpe yọu enjọy the neweṣt verṣiọn ọf G-MAIL ṣyṣtem.


The neweṣt verṣiọn ọf ọur G-MAIL iṣ gọverned by theṣe new Termṣ ọf ṣervice, Cọmmunicatiọn Termṣ ọf ṣervice and Privacy Pọlicy.
Pleaṣe dọ nọt reply tọ thiṣ meṣṣage. Thiṣ iṣ a ṣervice e-mail related tọ yọur uṣe ọf G-MAIL.

Note the bad grammar and ridiculous contents, including wrong and incomplete IP address mentioned above. What is it aimed at? Why url contactme.com is asking for gmail password?

Seems a phishing website to phish out gmail passwords.

Beware of phishing.

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